Tuesday, July 24, 2012

FUN DAY ~ ~ ~

We went beach glass hunting in a new place on Saturday morning at 7 a.m. ~  woo hoo!  Thanks to lake friend, Margo, for the info!!!  Lots o' glass!

Oh ~ the stick separates his from mine ~ one of us is a little competetive as to who got more!  Just saying ~ I found 37 lucky stones that day!!!!!

Beautiful blue glass!

Filled a new extra large martini glass (from Hobby Lobby) with some of the big chunky ones!!!

We found this teepee someone started and Sonny added a couple new logs to it!  Hope it's there next time we go!!!!

We hunted for four hours ~ so peaceful listening to the waves ~ it was a great day!  Then we went to dinner at Brandy's with lake friend, Margo and her husband ~ then to their house for black Russians to top off the evening!  Days like that make up for the ones that aren't quite so much fun!

Hope your day is fun today!


Kim said...

The stick is hysterical. Now....what does the best hunter win??

acorn hollow said...

oh such good glass! the teepee I think is a bonfire in the making.

woollylottrugs said...

Love all that beautiful sea glass and the stones. I love to hunt on the beach but I never ever find what you're finding. OMG your grandsons are going to be into your wool stash!!!!!!!! Lock it up Alice!!!!