Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Friend Pam came last week and brought her proddy sheep rug 'to see it's mama', as she put it!  He's such a fluffy guy and I love the swirlies in her background ~ kind of looks like fireworks when I look at the photo! Both this rug and the next one, were hooked in a proddy class here last year.

Deb sent me this picture of her  Lexington   Proddy Sheep ~ same pattern as Pam's (my design, by the by) but done with a flag background and proddy edge!  The paper is laying on it because it was on display at her guild's rug show ~ I love the bell and the deep rich colors! 

I hooked this Santa pillow years ago, under the tutelage of my friend, Carol Rahall.  She drew this on what she called 'hookable linen' (wish I could find some more) and gave me these narrow cut strip and roving and  loop-by-loop instruction!  I do love this pillow but know that I don't like hooking with those little 'threads' of a 4 cut.  I actually did some of these to sell way back when I started hooking ~ maybe I should draw some patterns for those who want to hook their own.  It could definitely be hooked into wool so that there is no background to fill in!  I'll work on that for my upcoming shows!!!

The same Carol Rahall, also hooked this snowman ~ I bought him at a shop near Medina several years ago because I knew Carol hooked for them ~ I also knew I would never do one for myself!  He sits in an old child's rocker all year long ~ I like him ~ and I like Carol very much!  She has hooked for probably 40 years and really helped get me on the right track so that hooking was fun and not a chore!  The advice to not hook in every opening was invaluable ~ you can hook a 'mountain' if you hook in every hole ~ take my word for it! 

A very sweet blog reader, Cyndi Lott, sent this wool pincushion to me just before Christmas!  That was such a nice gesture of friendship ~ very touching to me!  Cyndi said she was cleaning out her 'stash' and I see that she has shared some things with other bloggers as well!  Very generous ~ thank you, friend ~ I love it!

Another surprise present!  Hooker friend, Jackie, knitted this neckwarmer/ shoulder wrap and sent it to me in December! It's very cozy and just my color!  I had Sonny take three pictures ~ this was the best of the lot ~ I take dorky pictures but wanted you to see this great gift!!  Thank you, Jackie and Cyndi ~ you guys made my day!

P.S.  I joined Deanne Fitzpatrick's online class that will begin February  ~ I'm looking forward to that since I can't go to Nova Scotia right now!  If any of you are doing that class, I do have a few of her patterns on my website ~ it would save you the exhorbitant postage from N. S.  Let me know if there is one you would like!

Also, I joined Pinterest yesterday!  Not sure that I quite get the gist of it but I see so many posting pictures they've pinned from Pinterest that I decided to get in on the action!!  I have 3 followers already ~ I'll let you know how it works out!  I do read that it is definitely a time grabber or stealer or whatever!  Like I need something else to use up my time!!  Are many of you on Pinterest?

Have a great day ~ Alice


Kim said...

I like all of those projects. I have yet to try proddy but it is on my bucket list.
I'll have to look for you on pinterest. It can be a time waster but can also be a source of inspiration for new patterns etc.
P.S. I'm in Deanne's online class too

Rugs and Pugs said...

Alice ~
Love those proddy sheep. It was such a fun one to hook/proddy.
I was the lucky recipient of one of those sweet pincushions, too. How kind of Cyndi.
I haven't ventured to Pinterest. I just don't need another place to waste!
Hugs :)

Julia said...

Alice, I'm wondering if it's the same type linen backing on that santa pillow as the backing that I bought from The Cushing Company in Maine. I haven't tried it yet.

What thoughtful friends, I love your shoulder warmer, so nice on a cold night a cute pin cushion too.

I almost registered with Deanne but I realized that I have no extra time to spare.

I've dug my heels in and resister Pinterest. Hugs, JB

My Colonial Home said...

Oh Alice those Proddy Sheep are beautiful.
I'd so love to learn this...think I'll look it up on the internet.
Gorges Cowl from your friend and you wear it well - and it's a wonderful photo!!!


Lesley Ann Staples said...

Love love all the projects. Those sheep are great. I am hoping to try that technique this year. and also a 3d piece. Thanks for sharing.

Ter'e said...

You simply crack me up. I got your email about PININTEREST!!!! I laughed my butte off! Well, almost.
Oh gosh...........Pinterest is just so divine. Makes me wish I had a blog, so I could share all the wonderful things I drool over.
Keep having fun girlfriend!
P.S. Love the darling picture of you. So pretty!!!!

Saundra said...

You sure were a chatty cathy today, ;~). I just joined Pinterest too and sure as heck have no clue what is going on. And, like you just don't have the time. I'm still looking at the floating dog hair on the kitchen floor that still hasn't been vacuumed up. But grandson comes tomorrow so it WILL be done before I pick him up from school.


Julia said...

I was looking at this post for a second time and noticed that I had a typo. It should have read that I dug my heels in and resisted Pinterest. I'm sure that you had it all figured out. lol. JB

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