Friday, January 13, 2012


I've been dying to show these photos ~ Blogger wouldn't cooperate this week,  so I haven't posted in 10 days ~ and now I look at them really well and the pictures all have an ethereal look to them ~ as though taken through gauze!  But, I'm showing them anyway!  Such a nice collection of vintage clothing and red stockings in the guest room at my friend Lori's house!   

We were invited to an 'after Christmas' gathering at Lori and Michael Corelis home last week.  Lori is a well-known bear artist and this is her sweet little studio!  It's hard to imagine that she does all her creating in this little room ~ but it is so well organized and she has such fun things stashed here and there that she uses to make her mohair animals come to life! Remember to double click on the photos to see all the details!

In the family room, this huge antique fan quilt hangs over the mantle and on the mantle are some great mug jugs, done by various artists. Their origin dates back to the mid 1800's and were made by the slave potters at the end of their work day ~ some say made in their own image from the left over clay.  They fascinate me ~ anything with a face does ~ and we have a couple of smaller ones here at our house.

Look at this great stack of blanket chests!  And wooden shoe molds to the right, hold antique pin cushions. Lori and Michael have great collections ~ each one showcased beautifully in their contemporary home. 
 This cute guy resides in the two-story entry and is dressed in red longjohns for the long cold winter!  Pretty darn funny to me ~ wonder what the neighbors think!!  I'm sure they find Lori a fun addition to their neighborhood!  She and her husband are wonderful hosts and they made a houseful of guests from different walks of life, feel very comfortable on a winter evening.
 This new addition to our house was made by my resident carpenter, Sonny!!  He reminded me that we bought the table top  at  David T. Smith's tent sale years ago.  He ran across it in his shop and made the splayed-leg base for it ~ then did a hand-rubbed oil finish ~ now we have a new table in front of the fireplace.  It really is beautiful and made him really happy to be out in his shop creating.  He's also been working on hooking frames for the upcoming show season ~ yay! 

We had lots of snow today ~ no school in our area ~ there's also  a lot of flu going around ~ I'm staying inside so germs don't get me!!  Today was the wholesale market in Columbus ~ I love to go but not on these roads ~ good sense prevailed and I stayed home!

The beginners rug class for tomorrow is postponed and we're rescheduling in March ~ it's going to work out much better since the weather isn't cooperating and illness is running rampant.  Son Teddy and grandsons, Luke and Camden were down with the flu bug this week ~ I dropped Luke's homework off to him and practically threw it in the door ~ I didn't want those people breathing on me!  Thankfully, today,  they're all on the mend! 

Stay warm and stay healthy ~ winter has finally reared it's blustery head but Spring is right around the corner! 


woollylottrugs said...

I LOVE Winter. It's my favorite season, I love the cold icy days and love snow. Now if only it would snow. Today is really the first "winter" day we've had. It's been so mild here. I like to stay home, get in my pj's early, light my candles and either hook or watch a movie with Greg and hibernate!! Love that feeling. Stay warm Alice.


acorn hollow said...

you table is so lovely great job on your hubands part for sure.
your friends home has so many interesting things but the headless man in the window oh I am so glad I do not live across the street from her looking out the window and seeing that would give ne nightmares.

Lori Ann Corelis said...

Hi ALice,
Thank you for your dear sweet words! We are so happy you and Sonny came to our party! The "headless man" we call "Rod the bod" :-) He is a male mannequin I bought many years ago. I think the neighbors have finally gotten used to him! ha ha!
LOVE the table Sonny built . . he is amazing!
Enjoy the pretty white stuff!

Saundra said...

Beautiful table you had made special for you.

I love the "Go Away" sign, it looks like it is hooked.

Love the red long johns! ! ! ! !


Julia said...

Alice, it nice to read your blog again. I love Lori's little work room and I want that sign, Go Away.

What an interesting home. Those longjohns take the cake and Rod the bod is a good sport, ha ha ha... Your friend Lori has a great sense of humor.

Sonny is quite the handyman., even making hooking frames. I love your new table. What a great job. JB

Miccosukee said...

Glad you popped back up on the blogging scene. When you are a no-show, your fans worry.
Lori's house is wonderful. Almost as charming as yours!! Love the table your sweetie finished for you. Boy, you know how to pick the good ones.

keep dry,