Friday, October 21, 2011


A lot of progress today!!  Because I hooked for several hours this morning!  I just threw caution to the wind and didn't look back ~ therapy ~ I needed therapy!!!  It's coming along!!  Lauren asked the size ~ it's 16" x 24" as it is now, but there is a lot of  extra foundation fabric so I could add a nice geometric border.  I wanted to get this done ~ a border will slow me down!!  We shall see!

When the teachers were talking about various aspects of designing our own rugs, Karen Kahle mentioned that it doesn't have to be perfectly symmetrical ~ I only had to hear that once!!  Mine is not and I know now that's okay!  I drew around a small drinking glass that was on my table to get the largest gold circle shape.  The others were drawn freehand ~ shocking, isn't it?  But, I like their funky shapes ~ same goes for the half rounds at the edges of the rug ~ not quite the same but pretty close for just being sketched on the pattern backing. 

The ATHA convention has begun!  FaceBookers and some of the blogs are already posting about it!  The rug exhibits look great and of course, the vendors make me want to be there!!  As if I don't have enough of my own stuff ~ but I love to buy dyed wool if I find something unusual!!  So for now, I will enjoy my armchair visits to the Biennial ~ I see so many of my rug hooking friends and acquaintances ~ I know they're having a blast!! 

I'm off to my bed now ~ big weekend ahead ~ have to dig out my woollies because it's cold and damp outside!!!  Take care and enjoy this drippy weather!!


P. S. I got word last night that Linda of Simply Country Seasons blog is recovering from a serious surgery ~ she's doing well but will be in the hospital for another week or so.  I know she has connected with quite a few rug hookers ~ some here at the proddy sheep class this summer and thru other blogs. I'm thinking you can leave her a message on her blog and when she gets home, I know she'll appreciate that we all were thinking of her and sending prayers for her healing.  Linda is a great gal ~ lots of fun ~ even though her sense of direction allows her to see lots of new countryside!!!!  I'll keep you posted when I hear something!


jane augenstein said...

WOW!!! Alice...I...LIKE!!!! Love the colors the design all of it. Then you are going to do a border too? Can't wait to see it finished! Very nice!

Joanne said...

Love what you are doing with this rug - also really enjoy the progress photos!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Alce ~
You've made remarkable progress! LOVE IT!
Prayers and hugs being sent to Linda. She is an absolute hoot ~ with a lousy sense of direction even with a!
Hugs to you, too!

Anonymous said...

Alice - this is a great rug design - I love it and the colors too! I am with you - would love to be at the Biennial! I even missed Sauder this year . . . gotta get out more! Thanks for sharing your pics of your rug. I bet the Tipp City show was fun (I miss Alice!!)

Folk 'n' Fiber