Tuesday, June 14, 2011


We'll try this once again ~ the blog that I lost ~ different words this time, I'm sure! 

Last Thursday morning, Grandpa and I went to 'moving up' ceremonies for  grandsons, Jakob (left) and Luke (right) (friend Foster showed up in the photo, too) in the high school auditorium!  There were over 200 6th graders and it was a wonderful ceremony ~ the principal gave a very encouraging talk to them with the recurring theme of living their lives in service to others ~ that life isn't all about them ~ but of  how we can help and grow our own character by serving mankind and serving our community!  We thought it was a very inspiring way to send off these young people to junior high in the fall!  Then we all went back to their home school for cookies and punch ~ the 200 + students ~ all their parents and grandparents ~ it was a zoo of happy kids and happy relatives!  A fun day for sure!  My great fear is that the 6 years from now to their high school graduation will fly by in the blink of an eye!! 

On that same evening, we went to a fundraiser for our daughter-in-laws, Miki and Cheryl, and friend, Beth who are all walking the Susan G. Komen 3-Day walk for breast cancer research.  Their walk is the end of July in Cleveland and they each must earn a substantial amount of donations before their big weekend ~ they walk 60 miles in three days ~ yikes!  The Happy Grape wine bar in our little town hosted the affair and it was a great evening of giving and sharing with lots of people we know and some new friends that we met!  The highlight of the evening was a wine auction and then some added things to bid on like massages (those certificates came home with me!) and golf outings and salon packages, etc.  The most expensive item was a bottle of Rothschild wine that brought $600 ~ woo hoo ~  that didn't come home with us!!  There were wonderful appetizers, lots of fruit of the vine, live music ~ a very classy little gathering here in smalltown USA!!  I'm very proud of all of them for taking on this challenge and also, my Seattle daughter-in-law, Coni, who will be walking this fall in her fourth walk!  You go girls ~ mama will be watching from the sidelines!!

 Yesterday morning, I was so glad to be awake and see this beautiful sunrise ~ 5:15 a.m. ~ there's lots of black looking Lake Erie under the sunny horizon but it was just so pretty to me ~ I thought you might like to see ~ because I know a lot of you are still sleeping at that early hour!! 

We had a nice lake weekend ~ Teddy and family stayed Friday and Saturday nights ~ they went to Cedar Point all day Saturday  ~ they were tired puppies when they got home!! Our friends, Adeline and Peter were in town from Florida and we were invited to dinner at their friends' home on Catawba ~ very nice evening ~ lots of laughs!  Sunday, they came to visit us and spend the afternoon ~ we wined 'em and dined 'em and took them to the Moose club ~ hope they had fun!!!  It was so nice to spend Monday up there ~ the first of Sonny's long weekends ~ we'll see how that goes ~ we took a 3.5 mile walk yesterday and a long walk on Saturday, too!  It was a great way to begin our week!  Now back to reality ~ and back to life!! 

Have a happy day, everybody ~ and let's hope blogger saves this post ~ here we go!!!!


Cathy G. said...

Yay Alice! Your post "took"!! Congrats to the cute kids who graduated! I am with you on the next 6 years flying by way too fast! Of course the kids don't even notice it! LOL!
Cathy G

Julia said...

By the sound of it it looks like you've had a busy but enjoyable weekend. Congratulations on the graduates. They look very happy to receive their certificates.

Wow. $600. for a bottle of wine. In the last church auction I went to, I spent $600. on a renovation job that I'm still waiting for. The contractor donates his time to the church. It was a great fun raising event. JB

weaverpat said...

Thanks for rewriting the 'lost post'!
I love reading about your wonderful adventures.
Congratulations to the graduating kids!

acorn hollow said...

congrats to the grand kids and your daughter in law on her walk.
you are a busy couple sounds like fun.

mdgtjulie said...

Glad you got your post to post, Alice. Great sunrise. It's gorgeous!!! Glad you had a good weekend. You must have been super busy to get all that done!