Sunday, May 15, 2011


 A great day yesterday at Lake Farm Park in Kirtland, Ohio at the Western Reserve Rug Hooking Guild's Hook-in!!!  Mr. Sonny and I and friend, Heidi, left early in the morning to drive North to get all set up by the time 100 hookers came to spend the day!  It was a busy day ~ a productive day (yippee!) ~ and lots of fun!  I actually belong to the guild now and they do a fantastic job of organizing a wonderful time for rug hookers!  This  is a Deanne Fitzpatrick rug done by a fairly new rug hooker, who managed to hide behind her rug!  I think this is her fourth rug and she watched a video of Deanne's and away she went!  Absolutely beautiful!  There are some patterns of Deanne's similar to this one on my website! I wish I had taken the rug hooker's name because she did a fantastic job of interpreting just the right colors and the hooking style that it takes to create such a work of art!

The room was filled with gals just hooking away and talking ~ it sounded like magpies most of the day!
Heidi and Laurel (in red) are in the foreground and way in the back right, standing is friend, Donna!!  They had a huge Chinese auction ~ a raffle of a rug hooked by many of the members, a hooked doll and a mohair bear ~ a wonderful lunch ~ a buffet of pastries donated by members ~ all done to create a fun day!

This is a shot of the other side of the room!  There were 7 vendors (I forgot to take a picture of our booth) ~ lots of wool and patterns to choose from ~ and great rugs in progress!  The colors in this rooster chair pad were very vibrant ~ I definitely should have made more of an effort to get out and take pictures! As it happens, after I took this picture, the gal facing the camera won the pattern and wool that came from our booth!  Hope she sends me a picture when she's done!!

This is a little of the dying that I did last week ~ I really like the nice mottling ~ it gives automatic texture and shading when hooked into your rug!  I'm hoping to get some dying done this summer so I have a nice stock to begin the falls shows with ~ I'll post pictures as I go along! 

The Guild also provided these great name tags and necklaces to each attendee and vendor ~ I loved my gifts! The necklace is inset with antique paisley and has a little sheep charm on it ~ thanks to Elaine Molyet who made them!

And a big Thank You to Sonny  for driving me and packing and unpacking, etc. ~ I couldn't do it without him!  He doesn't read my blog, so he won't know this is on  here ~ but I appreciate his help immensely ~ and yesterday, Miss Heidi helped a lot, too ~  thanks a bunch, Heidi!!

Last night, after we got home, we went to supper at a new place ~ The Red Brick Diner ~ where my great-nephew, Louie, is part of the wait-staff! He's doing a great job ~ big smile ~ walks with purpose ~ waiting tables is hard work and he's making the most of the opportunity! I was really impressed with how they all helped each other with clearing tables, etc. One cute young gal came over to clear our dishes while Louie waited on other customers and when I mentioned that to her, she said "Teamwork Makes Dreamwork"!!!!!! I was very impressed with her attitude and think we can all learn something from her motto!! I wondered if she made it up or heard it somewhere ~ regardless, it's a good one!

Today is a nice quiet day ~ I've done nothing so far ~ we have the truck to unload shortly ~ and then Sonny's off to a soccer game ~ it's gloomy and drizzly so I don't know if I'll go today.  Friday night, we went to Luke's ballgame and Sonny left to go see Camden play soccer ~ one night we went to a soccer game and two ballgames ~ last year, we had 6 grandchildren playing ball ~ this year, only three, so we're gonna have a lot more free time!!  Sounds like lots of rain ahead this week, so it might interfere with their games ~ I hope not! 

Have a peaceful day, wherever you are!

P.S.  The blog counter that was installed in January of '09 reported 100,000 on the hit counter  Friday night or Saturday morning!  I am amazed and astounded that so many people check in on this blog! I thank each and every one of you for coming to visit ~ come back soon and often!!!!  Thank You!!!!!!


Kim said...

Looks like fun. Loved seeing a version of deannes pattern. It is impressive to see a relatively new hooker tackle such a large project. She did a great job.

Sassafras and Winterberry said...

The show looked wonderful and I love that rug! I can't believe she's only made four rugs! Your name tag and necklace are just the best!

Unknown said...

Sure looks like a wonderful event...Love Deanne's rug pattern...lovely job...Sure liked the chain, too...

Miccosukee said...


Once again a wonderful account of the type of day most of us lone hookers can only dream about getting to, so we rely on you to bring it to life. Thanks for doing that.

Although if I walked in the room, you wouldn't recognize me, I feel as though you and I have become friends. And with that, I have learned about the high and low points of you and your family's life.

As one of the 100,000 who love your little bit of heaven, thanks for letting me peek in on occasion.

Larkrise garden girl said...

What a fun time! The show looked like everyone was enjoying them selves. Cheri

Rugs and Pugs said...

Alice ~
So nice to see you and chat with you yesterday! It was a great hook in! That rug design of Deanne's is impressive!!! What a great job for a relatively new hooker.
It's cold and rainy "up north". I took a nap and I almost never take a nap. Oh, did it feel good!
Hugs :)

Jacque. said...

I sort of miss the hook-in that I used to do once a year. The people, the rugs, everything is so much fun and interesting to be a part of! Glad you had a good day.

Julia said...

What a great time for all of you and your friends to go to a large gathering to hook.

Deanne's rugs are so recognizable anywhere we see them. Great job on such a large rug. JB

Cathy G. said...

Oh my word!! That's only her fourth rug? It is spectacular! Clicked on the photo to enlarge it.... Colors are fabulous!
Alice you deserve a day to do nothing! I am impressed with all you accomplish and vending at the shows and such! Your wool looks yummy. Do you dye in a casserole to get such nice mottling?
Take it easy now and rest up!
Cathy G

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Wow what a great hook-in and looks like everyone had lots of fun.

Wendie Scott Davis said...

I missed a hook in on Saturday, getting ready for a "do" Saturday nite, so it's fun to go vicariously through other people's blogs. Thanks for sharing.

And you are right - our partners are big helpers when we need them. Mine doesn't read my blog either.

But we all have one another!

mdgtjulie said...

Wow, I really like the rug you took a piccy of. I'm very partial to scenery like that, lol. I'm glad you had a good time. Your freshly dyed fabbies are wonderful. I really like the purple ones! And I'd bet, after all the loading and unloading, you deserved to go out for dinner. That way, no one has to cook or clean up!! Good luck keeping up with the grands. Sounds like they're all active, which is good for them!