Thursday, May 26, 2011

A FUN DAY ~ ~ ~

 I am privileged to have many fun days in my life ~ and am very grateful for them!!  This is a lovely little gift that was given to each of us that were invited to my hooker-friend, Sue's house on Monday!  She had three of us for a scrumptious lunch of BLT dip with designer bread (well, maybe not designer but it was french bread baked in a fluted tube and when cut, each slice was like a flower!), salad made with baby greens, hot chicken salad, key lime cheesecake pie,  and we topped it off with champagne in the afternoon!!!  At each place setting were these little pots of flowers for us to take home!  Sue is a very gracious hostess ~ her friends assured me that going to her house is a treat ~ and it was!

This is their property ~ it looks like a park!  I should have taken my camera and taken pictures of her house and rugs.  I took this with my phone just so you could see what a pretty place this is ~ a little slice of heaven, me thinks!!  In the back is a Party Barn ~ the house isn't even in the photo!  There were rugs and primitive dolls and all manner of primitive accessories in every nook and cranny!  We had such a nice day ~ we should all be so lucky to have wonderful people like these three girls in our lives!! 

This week, we've been to baseball games, a dinner with people Sonny used to work with before he went into business  ~ that was fun ~ we ended up at The Happy Grape! Lots of rain and storms here in Ohio but nothing like the Midwest has had!  I still haven't picked up my hook in a couple of weeks ~ maybe this weekend! We're looking forward to a fun-packed weekend ~ I'm trying to get all my work caught up so I'm foot loose and fancy free!  Stories to follow!!!

Have a great holiday weekend doing whatever makes you happy! 


mdgtjulie said...

And the same to you, Alice. Happy Memorial Day to you! I hope you do something to remember our troops. I'm planning on a cookout with prayers with my mom. We're the "losers" in the family, usually. My brother's working on my dad's house, instead of doing something fun, and my sister lives about forty minutes away and doesn't care to make the trip. So mom and I will grill out and say a prayer for our servicemen, past and present. Can't wait to see your Rooster rug again. It's been a long time since you hooked enough to have an update!

Kim said...

Boy, you hookers sure party fancy. It sounds lovely. I'm glad you had a nice time.

Julia said...

Wow, that's a fancy place. Hookers never had it so good. having a good time is important for hookers too. Glad that you had a memorable time.
Happy Memorial day. JB

Rugs and Pugs said...

Alice ~
Happy Memorial Day!
Hugs :)

dulcy said...

What fun times you're having Alice! I those flower baskets in the previous post are gorgeous. I wished we lived somewhere in the same vicinity so we could hook together...

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