Friday, March 4, 2011


This is a little hooked hit-and-miss mat that I made for a hostess gift.  A dear friend had a small luncheon yesterday and I didn't want to go empty handed ~ so, the night before I went down to the hooking room, found a scrap of linen backing, drew a rectangle on it and started pulling strips from my strip basket!  Two and a half hours later,  I had this ready to bind ~ our hostess has lovely primitive antiques and I knew she would appreciate it ~ I'll do a post about the lunch ~ I have so many things to post about and so little time! But keep in mind, we can make great little gifts out of our leftovers ~ rug hookers  know ~  the ever multiplying 'noodles'!!

Sparkly wool ~ my favorite!!  I haven't posted yet
about the Sarasota hook-in ~ it took all last week to  get unpacked and caught up on home things.  I bought this huge ball of sparkly wool and these great leather purse handles from Fiddlehead Finery ~ DeEtta had a great booth and she and her helper wore these wonderful wool vests that she hooked designs on!  There are hundreds of yards in this hank of yarn so I'm going to divide it into smaller bundles to sell ~  it will add just a little touch of pizzazz to grass or hills or who knows what else!

Polly Minich had a booth, too, and I was lucky
enough to pick up this little wool applique piece from her pile of goodies.  Perfect for our decor and made by Polly ~ what could be better.  She had some of her kits that benefit Semper Fi for sale and also raffled off one of her rugs for that charity.  Polly had the greatest looking glasses ~ just perfect for the 'artiste' that she is!  I'll post more about the hook-in shortly ~ just trying to get in a short one today!

It's rainy here in Ohio again today!  We had huge flooded areas at the beginning of the week and people are just now drying out and now there's more to come.  Thank goodness we live on a hill!  If the water gets this high, you'll know that Noah and his ark should be coming by at any minute! 

Have a good weekend ~ I'm trying to get a cold or get over a cold ~ don't know which ~ I'd like to stay in today but must run out for a few things!  Ta ta for now ~


Jacque. said...

Alice...I hope you feel better and don't get ill! Don't you just love those last-minute gift ideas? I would be so thankful to receive something like that! And, the yarn is gorgeous! Can't wait to hear all about your time away.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Alice ~
Hope you are feeling okay. No fun being sick :(
Sweet little hit 'n miss mat. I'm sure it was the perfect gift.
I'm looking forward to hearing about the Florida hook-in.
Hugs :)

Sassafras and Winterberry said...

Hope you feel better! I was sick with a cold during vacation...not fun. So many little time! I hear you. I love the little hostess gift. I'm starting to envision things I can make up quickly to give out as thank you gifts and such. Thanks for another idea!
Stay well!

ShabbySheep said...

Hi Alice, I gotta get my hands on a little of that pretty sparkly yarn! Let me know when you're selling it.
Cute and thoughtful little hit and miss mat too! You're so nice.
xo, Sheri

Kim said...

What a smart idea for a hostess gift. Such a cute little mat. And I love your new sparkly yarn. You know, I have a thing for bling!

Tammy Burks said...

LOVE your little hooked mat! What a great idea for a hostess gift. Hmmmm, perhaps I could hook up a few of those in 9x13 sizes as trivets for casserole dishes....I have SO MANY WORMS I need to use up!
Okay, now I'm jealous....I spent more time at DeEtta's booth than anywhere else and I didn't even see those purse handles....those are TOO CUTE!

Miccosukee said...

Just shook off the crud myself and don't wish that on anyone. Glad you are back and posting. Am eager to hear about your trip south.
Hate to hear about the flooding. All that bad snow and now this. What a weird winter.


Ter'e said...

Hope you are feeling more like yourself tonight!

Like Tammy - I did not see those darling handles. Shoot!

Re: Polly's mat ---- you probably want to check ------ but Polly doesn't do any stitching like this. I have a feeling her sister, Lauri Simpson, made that beautiful mat. I have been pounding myself in the head - I bet that cross stitch piece was for sale too - I should have ask about it.

Be careful of all that Ohio flooding. xoxoxoxoxoxo

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Thanks for all your comments ~ you know I love to hear from you! Ter'e and Tammy ~ the reason you didn't see those in DeEtta booth was that I plunked my stuff down at a table close to hers and hotfooted it over there right away ~ the handles were kind of buried so I snatched those up quick ~ along with the only sparkly wool she had! When I get it divided up, Sheri, I'll let you know! And I wondered if Polly did that wool applique but I'm happy to have it no matter who the stitcher!!