Thursday, March 31, 2011


 It snowed last night here in Ohio ~ so, this is a good time to reflect back on our Florida trip and enjoy the memories of beautiful sunshiny days!

This was our last day and we all took a walk on the beach and to our surprise, there were all these beautiful sand-and-shell sculptures!

Each one was just fabulous ~ I had to use my phone
to take the photos but they turned out pretty good!  A fellow came walking down from the houses by the beach and told us his neighborhood got together and did them ~ although, I had the feeling that he was responsible for a lot of the work!

He told us he was going to make a sign saying the artwork was done by "The Friendship Lane Art and Cultural Society"!!!  Their street was just a little short street that ends at the beach and I'm thinking they have a wonderful time there!

This was a pair of flipflops ~ just thought I'd  help you "see'" what this one is.  Lots of time and effort went into creating these for the public to enjoy ~ it was a great end to our stay in Englewood! 

We covered a lot of ground in those 10 days in February ~ lots of great food ~ lunches and dinners with mutual friends ~ beach walks ~ car rides ~ cute little shops ~ an art show ~ trips to the liquor store ~ the list goes on!

 And this lovely couple are our benefactors ~ Diane and Greg ~ our friends from the lake!  Thanks to them we've been able to enjoy time in Florida for the last four years!!  We've had much fun together ~ we certainly see some sights while we're there!  Thank you, friends ~ we love you guys!!
Soon we'll all be together at our lake havens ~ we have a lot of things going on ~ it may be mid June before we're there very much!  I have a couple of shows, and a class here and a trip to Seattle is in the works! Sonny has decided that we're going to  have three-day weekends every weekend we're up there ~ retirement isn't in our game plan but shorter work weeks are!!  Woo hoo!!  I can't wait!!!  We definitely need some down time to just relax!

Yesterday, friend Vivian and I went to Columbus to return some things to The Container Store and then we went to Whole Foods ~ I love that place!!! I got tilapia, shrimp, chicken sausages, salsas, wine, salads ~  a veritable feast for our dinner last night and several nights to come!!  Then to lunch at the Morgan House in Dublin, where I bought a great little ORANGE purse!  We had a great day even though we drove home in snow! Next Tuesday, Mr. Weatherman says it will be 65 degrees here ~ I can't wait!!

I actually feel like a new woman since my portion of the taxes are done ~ I have a new lease on life, so to speak!!  Next Saturday, there are 6 coming for the proddy class ~ we could take two more ~ so I have patterns to draw ~ the hooking room to get in order ~ and I want to put together some bundles in colors the gals might want to use! Lots to do ~ and here I am on the computer!!  Have a great weekend, peeps!!



Kim said...

Those beach sculptures are beautiful. I've never seen ones just like it with the shells. Very pretty.

Linda said...

Hi Alice.......Yay.......I am one of those in the class, can't wait!
Oh, the check's in the mail.....That's sounds so fake, doesn't it!

Joanne said...

wow love those beach pics! Amazing! And to think of warm weather and sunshine....... take me away....

Anonymous said...

Aww..such pretty pictures Alice! Looks like a great time! Just dropping by to wish you a warm (hopefully)and very spring-like day on this first day of April! hugs~Kathy

Julia said...

Thanks Alice for leaving a comment on my blog and
thanks for sharing those great beach sculptures with us. They are amazing and they look so large.

Ter'e said...

An orange purse???? Now why do I find that NOT out of the ordinary for you????? LOL

Loved the sculptures...............aren't those gorgeous. I love when I go down to the beach and see them.

Have fun in your proddy class. Wish I was there.........PRODDIN!

dulcy said...

Those sand sculptures are awesome, Alice! No beach anywhere remotely close to me. But..... we are having our 3rd annual Boathouse Hookin tomorrow! So, Springfield Lake we be my "water fix" for now.

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