Tuesday, October 19, 2010


So far, this is my progress this week ~ didn't hook a thing over the weekend ~ I was a slug ~ and loved every minute of it!! Tonite, I'm headed back to the hooking room and give it my all!!  I have three other unfinished rugs and I want to get those out of the way, too!  Two of them are small and I should be able to get those done but the bigger one is my class rug from Sauder last year.  In two weeks, we're headed off to the Woolley Fox and that will be another rug to add to the mix!  So, I'm going to be a hooking machine in the next couple of weeks.

Don't these two make a lovely couple? Mr. Sonny and Mr. Kitty ~ two of my favorite animals!! That cat loves him ~ they even eat breakfast together!! 

Last night, I went 'blog crazy' and added quite a few new ones to my blog list.  Mostly rug hooking blogs and a couple of stitching blogs!  I always read them when I'm blog surfing but finally went to the effort to install them on my own.  There are lots of good ones out there ~ informative and fun reading!  That's it for today ~ I'm going out to water the mum plants that Sonny just planted for me.  So many times, I end up throwing away the mums because it's too late in the seaason to plant ~ this year, I'm trying to be conservative and get those posies in the ground!!  When Sonny came home tonite, he took off his work boots just as I asked him to do one more thing ~ he had SMASHED his big toe with a HAMMER today and probably didn't want to do one more thing!  But now,  he's out blowing leaves with this big mamma-jamma blower on wheels!!!  It's never ending here!  
Have a good evening out there!!

P.S.  I was just reading JustGoHookIt's blog and she had a response to me on there with her recipe for Pumpkin Marmalade! It looks and sounds scrumptious ~ drop over to her blog if you get a chance ~ you might want to make it, too!


Jan said...

That is just an awesome family photo. I love it and it made me smile. How cute and warming to see the two of them together just enjoying the morning. I love your rugs and the frames you make. I do alot of cross stitch too, when I'm not sewing on my creations and I have always wanted a floor stand but I need a larger one more like one that can be spread out to 22x36. I know that is big but I always do things in a big way. Not sure why that is but even my beaded gourds are big.
I think the only things I do little are my mice and my pine needle baskets.

Cathy G. said...

Oh so cute the two of them relaxing together! Wonderful photo! Love how the rug is coming along and it sounds like your weeks ahead will be full too! Don't forget your camera! Hehe!
Cathy G

Linda said...

Such a dear photo. I love the coloring of your Mr. Kitty. Hook on!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Alice ~
I just love the family portrait. And your rug is coming along so well. You're almost there, girlfriend. Sounds like you will be a hookin' fool for the next couple of weeks. Please keep us posted on all your progress.
Hugs :)

acorn hollow said...

Thanks for the visit and how odd we both posted our husbands and kitties.You have a lot of rugs on the burner. I can never multi task when it comes to rugs it is one at a time. I am very humbled that you put me on your blog list.

Joni of Fully Wooly Primitives said...

Hi - i love your blog and was so pleased to see all the pics you had of rugs in classes you have taken. Up here in Quebec Canada I have very little opportunity to see what hookers are up to except through photos.. so glad you shared and will definitely put you on my blog list for future visits. Thanks Joni

Unknown said...

Alice, as usual, your latest rug is gorgeous! I always enjoy visiting your blog, and am frankly jealous and amazed at your energy and talents.

Off to investigate some of your new links.

Wooly hugs,

Miccosukee said...

Thanks for sharing the great photo of Mr. McDreamy and Mr. Kitty. It is so nice to see him actually relaxing, something I don't think you two do very often.
What is your rug for Wooley Fox going to be this year? I always look forward to that trip you girls take.

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Mr. McDreamy!!! He was so thrilled when I showed him that I posted this picture!! He'll be really thrilled with his new monaker!!
Trish, I don't know what I'm hooking!! I just got line drawings of Barb's new patterns and I can't decide if I'll do one of those or one of the many Woolley Fox patterns that I already have! It makes me laugh that you look forward to our rug hooking trip!! I'll keep you posted!!! Thanks for stopping by!

Kim said...

So, one question that comes to mind is - Exactly how did McDreamy smash his TOE with a hammer??
I do love that photo of your two buddies!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

To answer Kim's question ~ "McDreamy" is a carpenter and was on a roof nailing down roof sheathing ~ he hammers really hard and somehow missed the roofing nail and gave his toenail a good whack, instead!! It's not looking too swell ~ I lost my toenail a couple of months ago because I yanked open a door into it ~ now we'll have matching tootsies!!