Thursday, October 28, 2010

I SWEAR ~ ~ ~

That's what I'm doing right now ~ swearing!  I was going to have this finished this afternoon ~ hooked all the letters and the purple background ~ and then I really couldn't see the letters!!  Number one ~ I don't like to hook letters ~ number two, if I do, they need to show up!!!  So, I just thought I would share my frustration with my blogger friends because I know the rug hookers who are reading sympathize whole-heartedly with me!!   My friends know that I deplore reverse hooking and that's what I've done ~ not totally, of course ~ but one letter at a time!  I think I'll go get on the treadmill or do some office work and just step away from this for a while!!  Thanks ~ I feel better now!!!  Ta ta!!!

P.S.  I did read once that you should hook your letters in first with junk wool and then pull it out after the background has been hooked around it and then the letters actually look better.  That may be true!!   Alice


Kim said...

You have my total sympathy. I hate to reverse hook. And I hate hooking letters. They always look wonky to me.
I have never heard that junk wool tip before, but it might work.
Have fun at your Halloween Extravaganza (and behave) LOL

Cathy G. said...

That is such a darn cute rug that it is going to be worth every second you reverse hook and make the letters show up! I love how you used the textures throughout the rug.....the colors are just awesome. I've used the method to hook the letters first and then rehook. It makes them look a whole lot better. Great job on your rug... I love love love it!
Cathy g

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Your Pumpkin House is Looking great. I have done the lettering and have reverse hooked them and it does help tremendously. It will be worth it!

Plumruncreek ♥ said...

I used to HATE hooking letters. I started cutting the strips in a no. 6. I don't know what size you are hooking but, that really helps. The letters pop. Maybe you've tried this I learned it from Katie. I know you might be using a no.8.5 or 9 use a no.6 to outline your letters too.
You prolly know all this LOL!! I love the rug!

jane augenstein said...

Call me crazy but I love hooking letters, especially script! Love the rug, it's beautiful!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Alice that rug is gorgeous!!!

acorn hollow said...

Well you know I hate reverse hooking. So why hook with junk wool? why not hook them in before you hook the back ground. That is what I tend to do and I will out line the letters. I did get on the tredmill tonight I hate doing that more than reverse hooking. Good luck my friend.

The Eveningstitcher said...

Oh Alice...I feel your pain..I just done some reverse hooking is sooo frustrating! I love the rug and know it will be well worth it in the end. I need to take some hooking classes..reading Julie's advice on letters...never knew that! Thanks and good luck!

HomeSpunPrims said...

I'm doing a rug with words too Alice so I know what you are going thru! I used to hate doing letters but am more comfortable with it now, although I wouldn't want to do them often! lol
Your rug is wonderful. I like how you did the trees with all the different greens.

Lisa said...

Hi Alice,
First off, thanks for stopping by my blog. I finally decided to take the plunge.
I love your house rug and I feel your pain about the lettering. I too despise hooking letters and reverse hooking, hmmmm, I wonder where I picked my hooking habits up from?. Hang in there even if one letter at a time, lol.

Jacqueline said...

the rug is great.. and when your lettering shows up better you will be in love with your rug..

your upcoming weekend sounds soooooo great. Have a wonderful time howling at the moon and hooking.

Gayle said...

I love house rugs and this one is just wonderful!

Sandi said...

wonderful rug! i think the orange letters were great, too :) you can see them fine...

Sheila said...

Great rug Alice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I love it!

Heard that tip too before. I too try to avoid letters.

Julie thanks for the tips!

dulcy said...

You go ahead and swear Alice! I hate hooking letters also... then having to rip out and do over... well... that's a good reason to let it fly! Of course, the rug is absolutely darling! Also, do you mean after you pull out the junk wool, you just don't hook the letters so the linen becomes the letters?

Unknown said...

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Katrina said...

Great rug! I'm just finishing up the same one LOL! I just need to whip the edges and I am done - I can't seem to get myself to take that last step though ;-)

Wendie Scott Davis said...

Thanks for the moral support re the sweater. It is good to share with people who understand our trials and tribulations. Your tip re the waste wool first and hooking after is one that I have heard as well. I have personally re-hooked many letters once the background is around them. And depending on the bg, I will often do a highlight on one side of the lettering to make it pop. Like everything in life, unfortunately, practice does make perfect.

Love the mat, by the way.

Maria said...

I saw this rug in person. It is fabulous! Colors are perfect. Hey I think I finally figured out how to post comments!Maria

newburyarts said...

*****the ends results are very charming and great colors. however,
try doubling your strips when hooking letters. this will enable the material to hold up against the
loops adjacent to the letters. this will also help when you don't want to rip out as much.

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