Friday, June 18, 2010


This is one reason I'm not blogging very much!!  Little League games!!  We have six grandchildren playing ball here in town and we go to as many games as we can!!!  Son, Teddy, is the coach of Luke's team ~ so that's fun for me to watch, too! This is Luke, Jordyn, Logan and Luci ~ happy looking little crew, aren't they?
This is Jakob, Jordyn and Logan on Opening day ~ Camden plays, too, but he was not available for photos that day! In other words, he was being a little twirp!  We came home from the lake that day and attended four baseball games!!!
And that night we went to Luci's dance recital ~ she was the cutest little fairy!  But by the time we got to her after her dance, she had ripped off that darling little fairy dress and was back in her regular clothes!!  She is really growing up ~ they all are!  That's why we try to go to as many events as we can squeeze in!

This is my Seattle son, Chris ~ showing that they are #1 ~ and "Catfish" Hunter ~ on his right!  They were 19-1 for the season and won the tournament championship on Monday night!!  A happy bunch when they called to share the good news!  We went to two of their games while we were there in May ~ we travel far and wide to see a grandkid play ball! CONGRATULATIONS INDIANS!!

Life is busy here ~ I have been having Sunday open houses, at this little house we have for sale.  It was a rental for many years and was in dire need of repair when it was vacated last October.  Sonny and his son, Brian have worked so hard for the last six months to make it all new and shiny ~ and rather than rent it again, we are selling it!  Everything is brand new inside and will make a wonderful new home for some lucky family! 

Yesterday, I gathered up four grandchildren, brought them here for lunch and took them out on the bike trail for a 'walkabout' !!!  There is a swampy area along one part of the trail where Luke and I have seen turtles bathing in the sun so I thought that would be fun!  No turtles ~ just one lonely frog sitting on a log!  We walked pretty far ~ Jakob offered to carry Luci piggy back for part of the way because she got a blister!  But the shoes she wore were very  CUTE!!!  Then we went for slushies and then we went to Gorman Nature Center and saw snakes, owls, flying squirrels and a falcon.  They were closing for the day so the volunteers could go catch 'food' for their residents so we didn't stay long ~ we'll go again when we have another field trip!  It was fun ~ these little cousins are all close in age and really enjoy being together!  And last night we WENT TO A BALL GAME!!!!!

That's it for today ~ off to write some checks and get ready for a busy weekend which includes a hook-in for me tomorrow ~ yay!!  Someone suggested maybe we slow down and smell the roses ~ I said we go a hundred miles an hour because we're afraid if we stop, that we'll start growing moss!!  And we think this crazy life keeps us young!! 

Have a good weekend!!

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