Friday, March 6, 2009


Isn't this the most beautiful array of colors? I just got in two shipments of wool ~ it was a couple of weeks ago, really ~ and finally, they're all washed and ready to go!! If you see something that interests you, I'll be happy to package it up and ship it off to wherever you are! I sell the as-is wool for $14 a half yard ~ all ready to hook!

Early this week, I spent several hours working on setting up a website ~ what a job!! I still don't have it ready to go ~ they make it sound so easy and it probably is for somebody more computer savvy than I ~ but it was a challenge!! I would type what I thought sounded good ~ then add a picture ~ the pictures were all so BIG (I don't know how to make them smaller) ~ then I would delete the picture and the writing would disappear!! I'm telling you, it was a little nightmare!!

The neutrals at the right are great for dying ~ on Wanda Kerr's blog, she says she does not pre-wash the wool that she dyes, so I'm going to give that a try ~ kind of makes sense, don't you think? The wool on the left ~ great backgrounds! The wools that came in are just so nice and lots of variety ~ love the striped ones ~ you can do a lot with the various colors in a stripe!

Regarding the website building ~ I'm not giving up! There is a certain satisfaction in mastering something that is so obscure to this mind! But if I can set up this blog, I surely can do a website! I have put it off far too long, but I know that I really need one ~ to enlarge my scope! I know there are lots of hookers out there who would love Sonny's frames and all the wool choices ~ hand-dyed and as-is ~ so stay tuned ~ a website in is our future!!!

Miss Melody and her Leicester sheep ~ finally, the two are together!! I was so happy to create this for her and she is such an appreciative audience!! Melody is such a great gal ~ she is one of Santa's elves that helps our local builders group at Christmas with the families we adopt. As school librarian, she knows who needs help ~ we give her the cash and she shops and wraps and delivers Christmas to kids and families who need a hand up! And then she writes us beautiful thank you notes for giving her the opportunity to share. Melody is a very special person in this topsy turvy world we live in!! And double click her picture to check out those rhinestone spectacles ~ they are a riot!!

The weather has been great this week ~ I've walked every day ~ a 2.7 mile trek according to the mileage thing on my car ~ do I hear applause??!! It's so sad when I need a pat on the back for getting this old self out of the house everyday but that's the way it is!! Walking, yes ~ hooking, no ~ one focus at a time I guess!

Well, I'm off ~ a great day awaits!! Hope you're going to have a great day, too!


Tammy Burks said...

I have a lot of these wools too. The one with the oranges, browns and teals hooks up beautifully! I can't wait to dye the wools that have the little square shapes on them!

JoJo said...

Ooooo, Alice, those piles of wool are enough to make me want to jump in and roll around! Kind of like jumping in and playing with fallen, fall leaves.

So you're working on a website, huh? No wonder you've got your hands full. I can hardly wait until you get it up and running because I'll be one of the first people to surf in and check it out.

Here's to hoping you can get it up and running without pulling out too much hair. There are days when trying to get the computer to do what I want it to do are so frustrating. I've been known to call Gerry at work and whine "Help me!" I guess there's nothing quite like a wife who expects you to fix her computer over the phone!

Best of luck to you. But I hope you take time out to blog....I miss you when you don't update.

Linda said...

Wow it's great that I stumbled onto your blog. I too am a new hooker. I'm always looking for new and exciting. patterns. I'm a fan of Polly Minick and hook prim. My stash is small. Love your colours. Linda