Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Busy weekend ~ and we love it that way ~ it's been way too quiet for me! Friday night was the monthly Shop Hop in Mansfield but there are barely any shops to hop anymore except for the little art gallery! We hadn't been for a while so were happy to go and see some familiar faces. They had a collection of door prizes donated by the artists and I was sooo happy to win this lovely wooden feather!!!!!! All the other gifts that people were opening seemed to be just fun things like chocolate rabbits ~ Sonny won a whoopie cushion! ~ and odd things like that! I picked a white bag that a child had drawn on and inside was this beautiful work of art made of exotic woods. I was so happy to be able to thank the artist in person ~ a nice man named Forest! Then we went across the street to the martini bar and had a little supper of asparagus wrapped in prosciutto and a wonderful grilled mozzarella,tomato, and basil pesto sanduiche (that's how they spelled it - the chef is from Brazil!) ~ it was a fun Friday night!

On Saturday, I took a class at our local art center ~ the week before I received in the mail my new membership card and a welcome letter!! That was great except I didn't remember joining ~ I hadn't belonged for many years ~ so I called and they informed me it was a gift!!!! Wow! It was my niece, Cheri ~ for my upcoming birthday ~ but they sent it early!!!! The good news is that they were having a polymer clay class on Saturday and I thought I should take advantage of this new membership immediately! So these are my creations from an afternoon class ~ well, the three pairs of earrings and the beads are my creations! ~ the scarab pin I bought from the teacher/artist, Lori Wilkes. She makes gorgeous things and many of us purchased that afternoon! Anyway ~ the class was fun ~ I would like to learn to make 'canes' next ~ that's the little circles of color that are used to create the millefiore style of jewelry. I'm not interested in doing jewelry but want to make my own buttons ~ that's where this is all headed ~ I hope!

Sunday, as I was printing out a quote for Sonny, my charming Mr. Kitty shoved his paw into the printer (he loves the printer!) and knocked it out all out of whack ~ seriously out of whack ~ it wouldn't print at all and made a grinding noise!! So, off we trekked to the office supply store and bought a new one ~ it didn't seem prudent to repair a 6 year old printer when new ones are not that much. It's really a fax, scanner, copier, printer combo ~ and I was so happy that without calling my son, I got the thing up and running all by myself!!! Big Girl!!! Good thing we had a fun weekend prior to that ~ damned cat!!! But I like him.

One more thing ~ I sure can ramble, can't I ~ last week I joined Facebook!! I didn't want to ~ I thought it was for young people ~ but after four invitations from various people, I joined!! I'm sure I'm one of the oldest people on there! But the wonderful thing is that after four days, it occurred to me to put in the name of a nephew I had lost track of over 15 years ago ~ and voila! ~ there he was! I contacted him thru Facebook and we had a nice IM chat yesterday and he's now in contact with a step-brother and step-sister that he hadn't seen in more years than that. So now this old girl is a big fan of Facebook ~ imagine finding this kid after so many years ~ finding out he's very successful ~ and finding out his sister lives only an hour from us. Technology is a wonderful thing!!

On that note ~ I will close ~ have a good day ~ and thanks for reading!!


Annie said...

Be careful...Facebook is sooooo addicting!

JoJo said...

You really have been a busy woman, haven't you? Alice, if you hadn't told me that feather was wood, I would not have believed it. It looks so real. The artist did a beautiful job on it.

You're also an artist in your own right, not only with your rugs but with polymer clay. How nice of your niece to give you the membership for your birthday!

Alas, I hope you're not angry at your kitty for the printer. After six years, it was probably time for a new one anyway. Your cat just helped you along.

Ummm, Facebook? No interest here. I'm spending way too much time on the computer anyway. But I'm glad it's helping you reconnect with lost relatives.

Happy Hump Day to you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Alice!!!
I know what you mean!! I'm only on Facebook because of my kids and my grandkids (!!) LOL But I have connected with family through Facebook...and that's great!! I don't spend much time on there, partly becouse of time constraints and partly because of my dialup connection which is soooo slow on that site!! : )

I'm having a great time with the Blog Mystery rug and you are having a wonderful time with all you do!!! : )
Aren't we lucky to have such delightful times with family, friends and our art/craft work? I feel greatly blessed!!!
Hugs to you!! Sunnie : )

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Yes, Miss Sunnie ~ we are blessed! When I'm going a hundred miles an hour, I always think of the people who have no friends, no family and no hobby!!!!!! I have more to do than I'll get accomplished in a lifetime ~ so I keep dancing as fast as I can to squeeze in as much as possible!!!
And JoJo ~ I am still talking to my cat ~ as you said, he probably did us a favor!! This new printer is really fast!! Bless the kitty!!

Unknown said...

go glad I popped in tonight..
beautiful blog..
thanks for sharing
mona & the girls

Unknown said...

this is a fiber and glass loving family....
mona & the girls
love it all....xoxox