Monday, November 17, 2008


At least it was this morning, here in our corner of the world! Believe me, I'm not looking forward to winter in Ohio but I definitely can appreciate the beauty of the snow here in our woods ~ especially from the inside looking out! Now, at 1 in the afternoon, most of it has melted ~ Eastern Ohio got their fare share according to the news ~ so we were lucky to have escaped that!
One of the nice days last week, the birds were entertaining me from outside my office window. If you double-click on this, you'll see a really nice pileated woodpecker ~ he was darting from tree to tree ~ hammering his little head off ~ by the time I got the camera, he had darted kind of far from my window, but I got this shot before he flew off to find another dead tree!
Then this nice little cardinal was hanging out right outside my window ~ looking in to see what was going on in here! Mr. Kitty would have had a spasm if he had been in here ~ he dearly wants to go out and see the wildlife but in order to keep him safe from harm, he has to be house kitty!!

My weekend turned out differently than planned ~ life is like that, isn't it? My son, Tad, who has Downs Syndrome and lives with us, had an ear infection and was miserable. I have a wonderful sitter for him, who allows me to live this crazy life I write about but I just couldn't leave him when he didn't feel good and make her responsible for ear drops and warm compresses, etc. So ~ we had a quiet weekend at home ~ and it wasn't a bad thing. We usually are running and racing, trying to squeeze as much into a day as we possible can ~ so, it was a very nice quiet time at home. Sonny got another frame stand finished for me and time to work in his workshop. I ironed and went through my closet and took care of things that I let go during the busy summer. Tad is feeling better and so glad his mom stayed home with him ~ my life is not very often altered because of Tad ~ he's very self-sufficient and says he loves his life ~ what could be better!!!! Tad is 43 years old ~ he and I have been at this a long time ~ I am grateful that he lives with us and that he has a good life, in spite of the wild woman he got for a mother!!

One of the things I got to do, was hook a bit on this rug for my great niece. I stitched her little picture in that I copied onto fabric and next, I'll hook around it ~ hoping that she looks like one of the little flowers!! Now I've got to do some office work ~ tomorrow a Worker's Comp rep is coming to do my annual audit at 8:30 in the morning!!!! His secretary said he likes to get an early start!! Yeah, me, too!! That's it for today ~ hope you're having a happy day wherever you are!


JoJo said...

Alice, I love all of your pictures!! I'm not ready for the snow either but am going to try and develop Sunnie's attitude re: snow. Or my MIL, who always says that weather's going to happen, whether you want it or not. I get to stay home but worry about my hubby and kids, who have to drive in it.

I'm glad you like to watch the birds, as I do. I have two birdfeeders right outside our bedroom window and this spring, with my leg, watching the birds made the time pass by a bit more quickly. We also are blessed to have red-tailed hawks that soar over the house quite often -- I'm in love with those birds.

I don't think you've ever mentioned Tad before. Even though your weekend plans changed, I'm sure Tad appreciated having you home. No matter what your age, when you're not feeling well, it's soothing to have Mom there.

I also love your little house that you're hooking. So cute. Oh, and I'm answering your email this morning. So watch your inbox.

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Nice to hear from you JoJo, both here and by email! I enjoy my online friends and always glad to know you're out there.
I actually have mentioned Tad a couple of times but didn't really share the details of his life ~ he keeps to himself a lot and is pretty low maintenance ~ unlike his mother ~ but an ever present part of our lives!
I want to do some serious hooking this week so hopefully I'll have some progress to show you!!