Thursday, October 9, 2008


Last night about 10 p.m., I finally made it down to the hooking room ~ I had been down there during the day trying to put some order to it ~ but now I need to hook. I drew this flag on the monk's cloth, picked out some wool and got these three stripes hooked in by 11:30. I'm going to do it in neutrals much like one I've seen in Polly Minich's last book ~ this is a small one and will give me a chance to see how a neutral works for me!

While I was hooking, Mr. Kitty made himself a nice nest in the wool~he looks a little droopy because I woke him up to take his picture! I have wool piled everywhere ~ this is my work table which should be where I draw patterns ~ but since I haven't put away the wool left from Mr. Catfish, and various other projects, it makes a nice soft place for my boy! Actually, I'm going to use some of this wool in a project I have planned ~ so why put it away?! It's right there waiting for me!

Short post today ~ I've got a billing to get ready and outside work galore ~ so I need to get off my blog and off of something else and get to work!! It is a beautiful sunshiney day here in Ohio! Ta ta for now!


ShabbySheep said...

Hi Alice..please keep us posted on your flag rug. I have that book too and have always wanted to hook a monochromatic rug. Just add it to the list. I'm working on a Santa now by Brenda Gervais. It was a needle punch pattern and I took it to Kinkos and had it enlarged so I could hook it in an 8.5 size. It's my first time using this wider cut. Have a great weekend!

JoJo said...

Alice, I can hardly tell you how much I love your Mr. Kitty! He looks to be part Siamese and that's at the center of my heart. All but one of my kitties are Siamese or part Siamese.

And now I know how you get so much stay up late. Fibro and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome has taken that option away from me. I'm in bed by no later than 10:15 but since we get up at 5, it's never enough sleep.

Love the start of your flag rug and will be interested to see how it works up.

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Sheri and JoJo ~ glad to hear from you! I'm not particularly happy with the flag ~ I thought I could finish it last night but it gave me a headache and i had to give in and give up! I'll post about it today.
Mr. Kitty is his own 'person' if you know what I mean! He's a beast!!! But when he's sleeping, he's so dear!! Probably like most cats!