Thursday, August 21, 2008


Chicken rugs were quite popular at the Sauder Rug show!! Only two made it into my camera for some reason but they were all great ~ hooked chickens and proddy chickens both! This guy is quite colorful and seems very proud!

This runner full of chickens was sizable! The colors are beautiful, don't you think?

This week is just flying by! Yesterday, after getting these gray hairs colored, I drove to Columbus to have lunch with my nephew's wife and two little girls ~ Ariana is 2 and a half and Isabella will be one next week! My niece, Cheri (who is their aunt ~ I am the great auntie) and my grandson, Luke, went along!! Can I tell you how much fun we had in a Chinese restaurant!! It looked like a disaster area around their high chairs when we left!! They live in Florida so this was our first time to meet Isabella ~ both are such cute little girls!!

I'm out to water the gardens ~ it is so dry here ~ every day I kept thinking it would rain and it seems like I've waited a little too long ~ things are looking pretty wilted ~ kind of like me!!!! More tomorrow!


JoJo said...

Oooo, more rugs! Love 'em, especially the first one.

I'm leaving my gray hairs least for now. I'm blonde enough that my "wings" blend in and, unless you're really looking, you don't see the gray.

We need rain badly here too. Either hubby or I have to water every day to keep the flowers alive. The weather guys keep promising rain but I'm beginning to feel like Moses parting the Red Sea. All of the rain parts and goes around us!! Frustrating as all get out!!

At least I keep the birds happy. I limp out once a day to fill the birdfeeders and clean and refill the birdbaths.

I'm tired today. Stayed up late to watch Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh take the gold in Sand Volleyball. I was hooting and hollering and believe me, no hooking got done during those matches!! So a nap's on my agenda for today.

Alice, your last answer to me made me blush. You and Gene want to meet me?? Limping, cranky and mass-enhanced me? Hey, I'd be honored to meet YOU. And Gene! Maybe next year I can figure out a way to get to Sauder. But thank you for the very nice words!

Anonymous said...

Alice do you know where I can buy the pattern for the chicken runner hooked rug?
Thank you