Friday, August 22, 2008


Isn't this the best mermaid?? She is so cute and sooo colorful!! I'm very partial to mermaids ~ I have any number of mermaid patterns to hook for the lake place ~ have I started one? No ~ but this inspires me!! Mermaid is hooked by Thirza Youker ~ we met on the trip to England two years ago and each year at the Sauder rug show, I get to see her!

Ta da!! The lovely lady in green is Thirza, the mermaid artist!!! And the lady in blue, who is looking so happy with her camera, is my friend, Heidi!! We were all glad to see one another and check in on mutual friends ~ that is only one of the added bonuses of attending the Sauder Village Rug Show!!

This morning, I'm doing laundry, more garden watering (hope it's enough till Sunday), packing for the weekend, and hooking!! Last night, around 11:15, I went down to my hooking room and started the 4th purse front for that order I mentioned several weeks ago!! I hooked for two hours and have background to fill in ~ I'm determined to get that done, steam and serge each one, and take them to the lake to hand-sew the backs onto the hooked front!! Then next week, I have to make the shoulder strap, attach that to the purse, line them, affix a closure and antique button and get those things in the mail!! And on September 6, I have a show that I need to dye for!! Do you think I'm a little bit busy??!! But that's my m.o. ~ cram it all into as short a time period as possible and hope for great results!! Have a good weekend!


JoJo said...

Good grief, woman! You are crazy! In your life, I guess there's nothing like having a lot to do, not much time to do it in and a deadline to boot. I'm so NOT into deadlines at this point in my life. Right now, the only places I 'have' to be are doctor's appointments (not much fun there) or, in another month, at the pool hall on Tuesday nights when we get back into our pool session. And I'm still working on being able to walk around a pool table without limping. If I'm planning on playing this session (and I am), I need to work on my stamina too.

I love that mermaid rug. I'm a total water baby and used to dream, as a child, of being a mermaid and living in the water.

I'm going to miss all of the posts about Sauder and wish I lived close enough to attend. I guess I can always hope for next year!

Good luck on getting your purses done, Alice.

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

JoJo ~ a pool player!!! Are you a 'pool hustler'?? You know limping is a thing you really have to work on ~ I did ~ it's very easy to favor that leg but you have to push past that!! You don't want 'em talking about you at the pool hall!!!!
The secret is out!! I am crazy!! The ironing is done, the hooking is done and the purse fronts steamed. Now back to the watering!
Thanks, JoJo!

JoJo said...

Well, I'm a decent pool player but I don't think I'd qualify as a hustler. I did have a flash of brilliance one New Year's Eve and really trounced this guy.....he's now a friend!!

I'm really trying not to limp. But I've had a problem the last week or so.....I'll be walking along and I get a sharp pain right where the doctor put the screws in and then my leg gives out. Hubby thinks I may be overdoing it since I'm pushing so hard. He might be right because if I rest for a day or two, the pain goes away and my leg stays steady.

But hey, I don't care if they talk about me. All of our friends at Terry's (the pool hall) know what happened to me and before the end of spring session, Gerry managed to get me out the door and up there in my wheelchair for one evening. I've been back since too with the walker. Everybody is very supportive.

But now, geez, Alice, you've already gotten all of your chores done?? Yup, you ARE crazy....and quick. Very, very good on getting everything done. Want to come to Kansas and help me dust? Oooo, I hate dusting.

Have a wonderful weekend, Alice, and enjoy whatever you do.

ShabbySheep said...

Love the mermaid. Are the edges crocheted?
So glad I read the comments: JoJo's a hustler and a hooker!!!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Hi Sheri ~ the edges of Thirza's mermaid are hooked ~ you can see it up close if you double click on the picture ~ I actually needed to do that to answer the question ~ you're right, it did have a crochet look! Thanks for asking!
Alice said...

Alice - Thanks so much for posting all of these great photos from our Sauder Village Rug Hooking event on your blog. It was another wonderful event this year - thanks to the participation of rug hookers from across the country. I'm glad you were able to join us and we hope we'll see you again next year. We'll have more details about our 2009 event online later this fall:

Have a great day!
Kim Krieger
PR/Media Relations
Sauder Village

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Good Morning, Kim ~ thank you for reading my blog!!! And I was happy to post and promote the rug show ~ looking forward to next year!