Wednesday, May 28, 2008


This past weekend, I did find some time to hook in between all the fun! When my friends and husband were 'rock sitting', I had been inside hooking for a while ~ I can only take so much sun. Actually, I sneaked out there and took their picture ~ only one of the fella's seemed to see me do that and asked what I was going to do with the picture ~ I told him!!
So ~ all of the bluegreen water got finished and last night I started back on the fish scales. That is so time consuming due to placing colors and getting the right ones next to each other. When Barbara Carroll and I were color planning the scales, we first picked 5 or 6 colors ~ it didn't take a lot of hooking to figure out that was not enough, so we added more colors to make 8. As I hooked last night, it just seemed that it was so hard to keep like colors away from each other, that I added yet 3 more ~ I didn't really want to do that mid-stream, but I think they are similar enough that it won't be so noticeable but yet give more variation. By the time i hooked some of those in and was really on a roll, it was almost 11:30 and I had to give up ~ hopefully, there will be some time later this evening to tackle it again!
Today is my youngest son's 39th birthday ~ EEEEE GADDD!! His little boy has his first Little League game of the season tonite (Daddy is coach) and then they will all come to dinner here ~ I think we'll have stuffed pork chops and maybe a Birthday Pie! I better get cracking!! That sounds like something an old person would say!!!
I'm off to get my gray hairs colored ~ have a good day! ALice


JoJo said...

Alice, Mr. Catfish is coming along swimmingly!! I do like the colors you're using for the scales and really enjoy seeing other people's color choices, since that's something I have huge problems with.

Congrats and best wishes to your son on his birthday. Don't feel too baby boy will be 35 this summer and I keep thinking that I can't be old enough to have a child that age!!

And good luck today with getting your grays colored. I'm off myself later to go to the chiropractor. There's a first time for everything and I know that I need to do something more to get rid of this lower back pain. My son says this guy is really, really good so I'm hoping he doesn't hurt me too much while trying to help.

Depending on today's results, I'm also going to follow up with an appointment at our hospital's pain clinic. My ortho thinks this is a good move so I have hope.

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