Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Just adding this photo to see if Blogger will post it! For some reason none of my pictures are showing from past blog postings!

Hope all is well in your world!



Julia said...

Alice, your sunset photo is beautiful. Sorry about loosing all your blog photos and I can't help you. I've printed my past blog posts from 2010 to 2015 with all the comments. I need to print those of 2016 now to keep up to date. I hope someone can help you retrieve your photos.

Saundra said...

Yes, the great skyline showed up. Not sure if this will help or not but when I clicked on the box it wanted to change the DOC to a PDF. So if you retrieved those photos from an email or other document you may want to save it as something else (pdf, jpg, etc.) and 'edit' your blog so they show up. Good luck.

Kim said...

I see it. It's beautiful

Lori Ann Corelis said...

odd, but I see this one!