Thursday, October 30, 2014


 This is my finished class project!  I worked on it Sunday and Monday until it was done!!  And I love it!  I used Wensleydale fleece that we brought back from our England trip in 2006 ~ I've used it sparingly until now and it was perfect for these sheep.  The snowflakes and dots of snow are needlefelted on top of the hooking ~ a great suggestion from Ali Strebel!  I still have to do a crochet edge for the finish but that will have to wait till next week!

 Just a note regarding the beard ~ I hooked this one in two different wools and it didn't stand out very much.  So I pulled out the narrowest strips of wool and started going thru my yarn stash!

 If you do a close up (which I should have cropped these photos so you could see them better) you can see that the addition of the chunky yarn made a huge difference in the overall look of Santa's beard! I'm not one to reverse hook very much but sometimes you just have to!

Irma begged to come home with in my hooking bag!  She is
created by artist Olive Rose and Karen Kahle brought along a
little trunk show for us to choose from! Last year, one of Olive Rose's cat dolls jumped in my bag so now she had company!

This is Karen's needlepunch version of her Santa pattern.
It's very appealing although this is way toooo tedious for me to do!

Ali brought some of her work along for us to check 
out!  Love this little mat with cats paws, needle felting and her corded roving couched onto the border.
It's a great little piece!

Everybody loves Ali's heart! There are several different stitches and techniques that she uses ~
definitely on my to-do list with her sometime!

It was a great three days spent in Tipp City with old friends, Jackie and Deb, and many new gals that we met!  Jackie and I have been at all four of the classes that Ali and Karen have taught ~ hope they do one next year!!

Thanks for stopping by.  Most of my blogs in recent months have been from my phone ~ somehow that isn't working so I'm back in front of the computer! One thing I notice when I previewed what I posted is that the picture quality is sooo much better having transferred the phone photos to the computer!  Note to self ~ take the time to do it this way!  Except when I'm on the move ~ sometimes I have to post on the run ~ there are some things just too good to keep till I get back home!  I've been doing a lot of Facebook posting as those of you who are Facebook friends, know.  It's so quick and easy because it's a picture and a couple of words about and voila ~ it's out there!  If you're a blog reader and on Facebook, make sure we're "friends" and keep up with our adventures that way, too!

Talk to you soon!!


P.S.  I'm getting ready for a show Saturday at the Richland County Fairgrounds here in Mansfield ~ The Gathered Treasures Show ~ antiques, folk art and me! Follow "Black Cat Primitives" on Facebook.   Come see us 10-4 Saturday!


Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

beautiful projects! so much color and wonderful techniques ~ love the rovings used too :)

Karen Buchheit said...

Awesome post Alice! i love your Santa & the addition of the yarn in his beard made a huge difference…your sheep is SOOO cute!
I had three friends there and they too had a great time! Karen

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Hi Karen! Who were your friends? Wonder if we chatted?

Saundra said...

Have always wanted to do a crochet edge and can't wait to see yours. Maybe you will inspire me. Love your Santa.


Julia said...

Your Santa is beautiful or should I say handsome. Yes pulling on Santa's beard was a good idea. It grew back so much better, lol.
I'm looking forward to sseing your crochet edge. I never finished a rug that way.

Sorry Alice, I'm not on Facebook anymore.

Jennie in GA said...

LOVE your Santa...great tips. And I love those corded borders of Ali's!

Karen Buchheit said...

Alice…they were Linda, Sharon & Jenny, all from Southern Indiana just across the river from Lousiville. They had a fantastic time!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Karen, is Sharon like a comedian? There were three gals together and that one was a scream!!!

Wendie Scott Davis said...

Hi Alice,
What a transformation in Santa after the needlefelting. It totally brings it to life. And the other pieces are inspiring too. Can't believe it is already time to be thinking holiday thoughts - although I did see my first Christmas commercial on TV the day after Hallowe'en. Yikes.

jan said...

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