Friday, May 3, 2013


These are some of my hooking friends ~ old and new!!  Well, they're not old ~ you know what I mean! Charisse in front, and Sue, Karen, Pam and me, and Carol in the back row!!  Charisse, Sue and Pam were nice enough to take me with them ~ they are three very close friends and I appreciate being included.
Karen and Carol are sisters and really nice gals, as well!  Karen's rug hooking guild is selling these playing cards for $10 and each one has a hooked rug picture ~ really well done!  Karen gifted each of us with a deck ~ hooray!  And I wanted to give you the information, if you would like to order a deck from her.  It is the Buffalo Trace Rug Hooking Guild in southern Indiana and you can email Karen at
and she will happily send them to you!  A great present for your friends and yourself!  Thank you, Karen, for thinking of me!  All of these gals met at another hooking event and planned to meet in Berlin!  WE meet wonderful people in the rug hooking world!

This is Sue's rug that she started in Betsy Reed's class the day before the hook-in.  Really cute rug and she got a lot done!!

Charisse hooked this horsey ~ and really got a lot of background done, too but that was after her photo shoot!!  She was our driver and did a great job!!

Pam is quite a nice hooker but she's a gad-about and I think this was what she hooked in two days!!  We love to tease her ~ she's a social butterfly and very sweet! 

This is the same horse as Charisse is doing ~  hard to tell isn't it?  I'm doing mine in 1" hand-torn strips!  You could call this a chunky little horse ~ very chunky!  I've got a lot of background done ~ not sure I'm crazy about my color planning ~ hit and miss with all my scrap wool and worms!  That part I like!  I'll show it to you next week!! Some  of the colors have already been replaced ~ I'm going to figure this out yet!

The hook-in was hosted by the Amish Country Wool Artisans and there are 8 ladies who put this all together!  They do a wonderful job ~ we had a beautiful big room and great food ~ lots of vendors and lots of rug hooking friends to visit!  It was a great two days in the middle of Amish country with kindred spirits!  What could be better?

There was a rug show, too ~ I'll post pictures of that next time!  Have a great weekend!  The weather is beautiful in Ohio right now ~ finally!  I know some of my blog friends are not having quite such good weather where they are!  Hang on ~ Spring is on it's way to you, too!



jennifer768 said...

The pics were awesome!It looks like everyone was having a grand time.The rugs are looking beautiful as well.I am really interested in your chunky horse.Hugs,Jen

Saundra said...

Enjoyed the post. Goodness, 1" hooking. This November I will take a class with Betsy Reed and plan to hook WIDE but Not sure it will be 1". It looked good an can't wait to see the finish.


Julia said...

I think that you must have had a great time with these girls. Thanks for the pictures.

I hook in narrow strips from #3 #4 # 5 #6. A one inch strip is incredibly wide to me but it must go real fast.

I hope that you are having a great weekend.

Saundra said...

Me again. I'm wondering what you did to put the Pinterest logo and link on your blog.


acorn hollow said...

sounds like so much fun. the rugs look great. It is always so wonderful to get together for other rug hookers.

newburyarts said...

*****thankyou, alice, for posting these pictures. betsy was in a wide cut workshop that i taught this past february. from the looks of it, she did listen to my spacing
on the wide cuts, although we sometimes differed in the look. what a treat to have worked with her and although the word "nice" is not adequate enough to describe her, i think "lovely" is more appropriate. please tell her hello the next time that you communicate with her. most sincerely,
tom mcnerney

Wendie Scott Davis said...

Such fun to get together with "old" friends!! We never tire of it, and I identify with the social butterfly. For my upcoming Primitive class, I was thinking of trying hand-torn. You have convinced me. Love your horsey!!!
Am looking forward to more background pics.

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