Wednesday, April 10, 2013


These beautiful colors are fresh out of the dye pots! I love the dusky, antique look of some and the vibrancy of the others ~ something for everybody! Saturday, we will be at the Gathered Treasures show at the Fairgrounds ~ come see us!

These colors come from our lake haven ~ we were there this past weekend and immediately headed out to gather beach glass! The brilliant colors on the left are like jewels to me! 

This was our bounty from Saturday ~ mostly, nice soft whites and aquas with a few pieces of color thrown into the mix!

Even though this is sand ~ look at the variety of color and texture here! It looks like the side of a mountain cliff but it's really about a foot tall where the waves have washed it away.  It's really a work of art, all on it's own.

I've been washing wool and dyeing wool and all sorts of things this week.  I even planted a bag of daffodil bulbs that didn't get in the ground last fall. They hibernated in the garage all winter and were starting to sprout so into the ground they went ~ it was 77 deg. here yesterday ~ a perfect day for planting!! 

The weather reports from the mid-west are horrid ~ I know that some of my blog friends were having huge storms and losing tree limbs in the middle of hail storms!  I hope you are all okay!  Talk to you soon ~ back to work for me!!



Saundra said...

All the beautiful colors of the rainbow and more. Almost makes me want to pull out my dye pots again myself. But then I don't need a color or have one in mind.

The beach glass reminds me of Cape May when lots of the women go to the beach in search of the perfect treasures so they can brag about their bounty over dinner that evening.


Julia said...

You have been really busy making beautiful colors. I just love running my fingers on newly dyed wool.
I've been so slack on hooking and dyeing lately. I need to find some time or maybe retire so I can play in the wool.
That is a lot of beach glass for your jewellery. I'd love to see what you make with it.

It has been nice and sunny this afternoon for a change.

Take care,

Miccosukee said...

You are definitely attuned to what all the experts predict will be the palette for this year -- bold, bright colors!! What a pretty site for Saturday in your booth. Hope you sell out of all your wools and patterns.
It is set to be raining here for the next four to five days, I just don't want the terrible downpours. I planted some this week and don't need them washed away. Here with underground utilities I enjoy having fewer power outages from fallen limbs.

Char said...

Hi Alice! Love the beach glass. I've tried to collect beach glass before when we were in North Carolina. I was able to get a few small scraps. I think we weren't looking right but then what the heck do I know! I just know when I was a little girl I found all sorts of beach glass and shells, etc. Love the wool colors! One of these days once I retire I'll hopefully get the courage to dye wool... we'll see....