Saturday, October 13, 2012


What a busy week!  Wednesday was the wholesale markets in Columbus ~ I love to go shopping there ~ didn't find a lot for my booth but did pick up a couple of things from David T. Smith's booth.  I love pottery with figures on the top ~ and sheep!
 Also love, these chimney-type pieces!  This was one of a kind, done by one of their new potters.  Love the bats and cutouts!  I met my friend, Lori, and we went to the  another market on the other side of town.  After that we went to lunch at a French restaurant, La Chatalaine!  Yummy omelets and mimosas for a late breakfast/early lunch!!  Then to a yarn shop where I saw a great scarf that I want to knit!  A very fun day!  A lot of other things went on this week that made for non-stop busyness all week! 
 Last weekend, we went to Kelleys Island for our annual day with our lake friends!  This crazy car was parked along the way and I knew you would want to see it!!!!  The side is covered in corks but my picture was too blurry ~ I think that's because I practically jumped out of a moving cart to take it!!  A good time was had by all!

 Today,Sonny's niece, Melissa got married to the love of her life, Max!  The reception tables were so beautiful and were done by her mom and sisters!!  I think they should take their show on the road!!

Wasn't this cake something?  I just loved the quirkiness of it ~ perfect for a fall wedding!  We have a local cake shop, Maria's, that rates right up with the Cake Boss ~ or a close second!! I could make a cake like that only mine would have been an accident!!
And here we are ~ my resident carpenter and me!!  We had a very fun time ~ we're the matriarch and patriarch of the family ~ but we have a lot more fun than most!! 

Tomorrow morning, I'm leaving for a few days of hooking at The Woolley Fox ~ lots of hooking and lots of good food!  And I love the shopping in Ligonier!  Sonny is leaving to work on Kelleys Island for the week so all I can say is thank goodness that we have a great lady to stay with Tad!  I'd have to hang him on a hook till I got back if it weren't for her!!  Well, maybe I'd just stay home ~ I wouldn't really hang him on a hook!!!!!!!!

So that's it from here ~ hope all is well in your corner of the world!   I'll try to post some pix from Barb's and let you know what fun we're having there!!  Have a good week!!


dlpavlock said...

Wave and say hi, when you drive by tomorrow. Sorry I don't have time to run up, although a trip to the Road toad could be a possibility.

Julia said...

You two make a very handsome couple and very classy looking.
I can tell that you are having fun and I love that vessel with the duck and the sheep too.

Have fun and take pictures for those of us who don't have time to have fun, speaking of myself of course. Have a great week.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Have a great time hooking! We look forward to seeing your latest project.
Hugs :)