Sunday, September 30, 2012


This is my booth in the barn ~ it looks almost the same as any other show but a little different. We added more lights and I think the barn lighting was better!

Took a few pix of the outside booths! Lots of antiques and folk art ~

This is friend Sherry Davis ~ she is a master at gathering wonderful fall goodies and a master of display! Her daughter, Gretchen, is a master cookie baker, too!!

Cute things under this little tent!

A treat to me from me ~ a stitched piece done by Stacy Nash! Every year I look and admire but never buy ~ this year I gave in ~ her stitching is perfect and I love her designs!

The artist of this small punch needle piece was right across from me ~ we traded wares ~ I got the best end of the deal! It will look perfect in the patriotic bedroom ~ needlework of any kind adds a softness to a room.

It was a beautiful fall day in Ohio ~ a perfect day for a show! I don't have another one till mid November, so lots of time to regroup. I've had lots of interest in classes so this week, I'm going to make a plan ~ stay tuned!!


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Linda said...

So good to see you Alice. Your blooth is beautiful as usual. You always make me feel so good when I see you. It was a perfect day for an outdoor show.

Linda said...

Not your blooth.......Booth!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Loved seeing you too ~ you look fabulous!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Alice ~
It was a perfect day for the show!!! Good to see you. Your lighting was good but in other places in the barn it was TERRIBLE!!!
Hugs :)

Kim said...

Your booth looked great. Sounds like you saw lots of friends.
See you tomorrow night DWTS

Julia said...

I agree Alice, your booth looks well stocked and beautiful. I wish I lived closer, I'd take time off for a visit. You girls seem to have all the fun.


dulcy said...

Wow! Would have LOVED to go to that show! And your booth looks so inviting. Also, you made some darling purchases, Alice. I love the needle punch, and have never really gotten the hang of it. I have one I finished and another I've sort of given up on. Oh well, we can't do everything!


Wendie Scott Davis said...

Sure wish it was as easy to visit in the real world as it is here. Nothing gets you in the mood for wool faster than crisp fall days and pumpkin displays. Glad you got perfect day.

Ter'e said...

I have one Stacy piece. Isn't her work to die for? I just love it.

Will you be at the SEARSPORT hook-in, in Sarasota, next year???? Sure would love to see you again.

Unknown said...

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