Friday, March 2, 2012

NEW RUG ~ ~ ~

Ta da!!  After a year and a half, this rug is finally finished!!  Last weekend at the lake, this rug and I spent some quality time together and the last Dresden plate design on the right got filled in.   This Woolley Fox pattern is titled "1668 Geometric".  Each design is done in a different color way of various antique paisleys and I think it turned out beautifully!

This is it's new home in front of an antique red jelly cupboard.  It looks great there and won't get a lot of wear in that out-of-the-way place.  Although the fabrics have been around many years, I just don't want to abuse them with a lot of foot traffic.  So ~ one rug finish completed ~ about four more unfinished rugs to go!

Last weekend was kind of a creative burst for me!  This is a bracelet that I picked up in Florida and then adorned with bits of beach glass that we collect.  These bracelets were in the beach shops and sold for $26 ~ I made this one for less than that, for sure!  Wish I had bought more! 

Sonny and I also like to pick up heart stones ~ I'm always kind of touched when he hands me one that he's found ~ a silent 'I love you' ~ at least, that's what I like to think!!  Glued to the glass of a simple picture frame, they make a nice little addition to this table arrangement!

Last weekend, we hit the lake beaches again ~ Sonny went out Friday and Saturday and finally, on Sunday, I joined him! It was cold up there ~ but look what we gathered!!  And we found tiny pieces of red and blue ~ so tiny that they only show up on top of another piece of glass. I'm always amazed that we can find these itsy bitsy pieces of glass but why in the world can't I find my car keys!!! 

I still want to post pix of our vacation ~ we had such a great time that I want to share it!  If you're a Facebook friend, you got to see probably more than you wanted to ~ I posted every day ~ sometimes more ~ of all the fun and silly stuff we did!!  Maybe the next post will be a bit of that!

Many of us are on the Pinterest site, which I enjoy immensely!  But, I see there is some controversy about the ability to 'steal' design ideas and posting pictures of others work that maybe we shouldn't be posting!  My thought is that it is an online scrapbook, much like we have clipped recipes and photos out of magazines,  of things that inspire us  ~ now we can 'pin' them to our Pinterest boards.  Evidently, others are using it in a different manner.  One of my blog friends has even deleted her account there as it just expanded the potential for her designs to be copied by others. I don't know how I feel about it ~ do any of you have an opinion?

Nice to be back in blogland ~ but now I need to go vacuum up the Mr. Kitty hair that's floating around here ~ and do a few other housemaid's duties ~ I'd rather be on vacation!!  Have a great weekend everybody! 


Lisa said...

Alice the rug looks wonderful there. I am touched by the heart stones. I think that is so sweet. I am glad you put them on the frame for all to see. Have a good day. Lisa

Lori Ann Corelis said...

Love the new rug Alice . . it's perfect in front of your beautiful cupboard!
The heart stones are so dear . . . and I love that you both actually spend time looking and seeing the small bits on our earth!

As for pinterest . . . . I love it, it's very visual and easier than searching thru my magazine tear outs and book marks...but I know there is controversy. I'm not sure if I understand all of it. For me the basic thought is that... I have a presence on the vast internet . . . more than one actually! This means I take a chance and put myself out there, it's also how I do a good deal of my business. I can't do that without photos . . . hopefully to share with the honest folks...but there will always be less than honest ones lurking as well. SO what's next? We all pull down our Websites? Blogs? Facebook pages?
Just a couple thoughts . . . of course I have much more to say . . . but shhh maybe I should 't say it here online! :-)
Have a great weekend!!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Thank you, Lisa ~ that was very nice of you to say!
And Lori ~ thanks for your input - I'll be interested to hear what others have to say!

Julia said...

Alice, your rug is lovely and I agree that it perfect in front of your nice jelly cupboard.

I too was collecting heart rocks for a while but haven't searched for some in a couple of year but I love how you are displaying your.

I'd love to go on Pinterest but I sure have enough addictions that takes my time but my thoughts is that if someone don't want their photo copied to have their name on the photos. It probably wouldn't stop someone from cropping them though.
Have a great weekend. JB

Gayle said...

Your newly finished rug is awesome - since I'm a quilter as well as a rug hooker I love when the two are combined into one project! Lucky you to have found so many heart shaped rocks - I look and look and never find ANY!

Saundra said...

Beautiful new rug and love how paisley's hook up; they certainly are expensive to buy tho.

Very sentilmental that guy of yours, to pull out all the heart stones ~ sounds like you have a winner there .


woollylottrugs said...

I love your new rug and it looks great where you have it!! Love the paisley. Also love all the beach finds you have. Gosh I love seaglass and shark's teeth but seldom find it in New Jersey where I go to the beach. About pinterest....I haven't gone there and probably won't. It just takes up too much time and I'm on the computer too much as it is. I don't want another distraction! I think no matter where you put your pictures online they will show up somewhere else. And there will always be people that just don't respect the artist's work and steal it and make it their own. I don't know how to control that on such a big level as the internet.


Rugs and Pugs said...

Alice ~
LOVE how the rug turned out! I've not hooked with paisleys...yet.
I've not gone on Pinterest, either. I just don't need another computer addiction to steal my precious free time!
Hugs ;)

Sassafras and Winterberry said...

Love the's stunning! I like working with paisleys. I've found a couple of good pieces for little money...I need to plan a rug for them soon!

Beautiful sea glass and the heart stones are so sweet. They look great in that frame!

brenda said...

I adore your rug! the colors are stunning.... well done!

Wendie Scott Davis said...

I echo all the drooling comments re the new rug. The paisleys are beautiful and it looks amazing in front of that red piece. The beach glass search here in Barbados this year has not been as plentiful as last, and so far I have only picked up one perfect piece. One week to go, so there may be more.

Karen Piehl said...

i love it! so nice to finish a rug and be happy with how it came out...

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