Sunday, December 18, 2011


 The decorating that's done now will be it for this season!  There is more in the basement but I can't do anymore!!!  Sonny cut and decorated the tree ~ he always does ~ I appreciate it a lot ~ he knows that!!  At the top is a Santa tree topper made from heavy paper, given to me by daughter-in-law Cheryl many years ago!  There are others, but this one is my favorite ~ tree toppers ~ not daughters-in-law!!  Can't have favorites there!  But they're all nice ~ thank goodness!  And I have to tell you, the tree was a gift ~ someone we used to do business with and is retired, called and left a message to come get our 'free tree'!!!!  Free is good and one of our Christmas blessings!

We love this centerpiece created by our friend Margo ~ it was a Homebuilders Auction purchase quite a few years back!  In the background, the Norfolk Island Pine is decorated with glittery candy canes ~ that tree has been with us many years ~ I actually can't believe I've kept that thing alive all this time!  It's a Christmas Miracle!!

 The two Santas are by Twin Feather Trees ~ handmade and signed in 1988 and 1990!  I was shocked when I saw those dates ~ 23 and 21 years old!  Good grief ~ soon they'll be antiques ~ like their owners!!

 For the first time, there's an artificial wreath on the front door ~ with a papier mache Santa suspended inside!  It's always been fresh pine ~ I decided to spend the money once, instead of every Christmas!! 

This is also in the front entry ~ this little table resides where the Christmas tree is right now.  Over it is  "Baby in Red Chair" ~ I've always loved that painting and brought this one back from Williamsburg one year.

Friday, I had a luncheon for five old friends ~ it was nice to get together ~ life gets so busy and we don't all live close by each other ~ so it was really nice to catch up!  Tonite we had our friend, Marge, in for dinner  ~ she is  the giver of the antique cupboard that we got a while ago!! This is her second Christmas alone and she's doing quite well ~ her 'dance card' is always full ~ she has lots of friends including her in Holiday plans ~ that's a wonderful thing!

I hope to do some other entertaining this week ~ we shall see!  We have another choir concert and a 5th grade talent show on our schedule so we'll have to squeeze friends in where we can!  And shopping ~ there are three things that can be wrapped ~ three things!!  We've never missed a Christmas yet ~ it's hard to know what to buy for all these kids ~ but we'll figure it out ~ soon, I hope!!

Sonny, otherwise known as Dora Domestic to me ~ made jam today ~ 24 jars he said!  Strawberry-rhubarb and blackberry ~ I'm not a jam maker ~ thank goodness he is!  Much of it will go to the kids and friends.  Tomorrow is the library hook-in in Akron ~ I thought I was going to go ~ now, it looks like maybe I better put my nose to the wheel and figure out some gift giving!!

It's 11 p.m. ~ I think I'll drag myself up the staircase and 'dream' up something fabulous to put under the tree!  Sweet dreams to you and hope you're enjoying the season!!!!

Oh ~ Free Shipping Friday produced a couple of orders ~  it was a good thing!  Thank you!


Mr. Taylor said...

A beautiful home for Christmas. Thank you for sharing!

acorn hollow said...

your decorations are wonderful. I am sure you will figure out what to give.
I hope you get to enjoy the rest of the season.

Jacque. said...

Beautiful Christmas decorations!

Julia said...

Alice, I love your post. It looks like you have a lot of last minute things to get ready but I'm sure that it will all come together without a hitch.
I love your almost antique Santas. How time flies.

I'm glad that you got your tree free of charge. It looks beautiful. Love the Santa tree topper I know what you mean about not being able to choose a favorite daughter in law. Glad that you clarified that for your sake and theirs, lol...

I hope that your Holidays are filled with love and good friends. You are a kind and caring person and I'm sure that you will reap some of what you have sowed. Wishing you Joy of the Season. JB

My Colonial Home said...

Hi Alice,
What a beautiful I just ask. Is it real or's just gorgeous no matter.
Everything is so pretty.

Kim said...

You have got things looking lovely and festive. I downsized the decorating this year. There are 2 totes in the basement I didn't even unpack.
Great tree - and even better that it was free.
Merry Christmas!!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Merry Christmas! Everything looks wonderful. How lucky that you have Sonny to decorate your tree! That and making jam. I'd say he's a keeper for sure :)
Every year Christmas sneaks up on me. Some years are worse than others. This year is really bad! I even took a vacation day tomorrow to try for a bit of sanity.
Hugs :)

Saundra said...

The tree is beautifully shaped and decorated. Lucky you to have a man like Sonny around....does he do windows too? As Lauren said, he IS a keeper for sure.

Merry Christmas