Wednesday, August 24, 2011


There was a large display of Patty Yoder's rugs ~ rugs that I'm drawn to because many of them are of sheep ~ I love sheep rugs!  Her hooking style and the detail of her rugs is just perfect to me.

This collection is one of my favorites!

 And this rug is probably very favorite of them all!
 Imagine how much thought went into hooking the sheep over stars ~ imagine!

 I love her self portrait.  Patty Yoder left a wonderful legacy of rug hooking when she passed away in 2005 ~ how generous of her family to loan these rugs to the rug show!

Love the brilliant purples in the top rug! Still wishing I had remembered the camera ~ but you still get a sense of the beauty and the art that Patty Yoder created!

One of the first Sauder Rug Shows that I attended, there was a display of Patty Yoder's rugs ~ many of the ones we see here.  There was a poster of one of her sheep for sale and I have always regretted leaving without buying one ~ afterwards, I thought "oh, well ~ I will see it again".  Of course, I have not ~ it would have been a wonderful thing to own!

There will be another post of the Sauder rugs ~ and I didn't take pictures of all of them, by far. There were lots of rugs there ~ and as someone pointed out, not a lot of primitives ~ but beautiful things to enjoy! 

I'm fairly successful at a less hectic week than usual ~ yesterday, I met a friend in Marion at a yarn shop ~ I bought a wooden drop spindle to continue my new endeavor ~ and a great jacket at a little shop that she had found!  Came home and spent time with grandkids ~ Sonny's daughter took Jakob & Luke  to the junior high for a tour of  the school ~ they're getting nervous about next week ~ while they did that, I took two younger ones to visit Aunt Betty and then we all met afterwards for ice cream!!  They think that's part of our routine ~ great for my hips!  Next week, they'll have a new routine ~ and so will grandma!!! 

Have a good day wherever you are!


Kim said...

Alice! Oh MY! I can see why you are drawn to those sheep rugs. They are absolutely AMAZING!! Just stunning!! Your rug posts always have me itching to be a real hooker! This is the year for that!! Have a great day!

Cathy G. said...

Patty Yoder rugs! I'm always in awe each time I see a photo of one! How wonderful to be able to see them in real life!
Thanks for posting these Alice!
Cathy G

Got3BagsWool said...

I would of loved to see the Patty Yoder rug display again...I also saw it when it was at Sauder years ago....I love her rugs. Thanks for sharing.


Kim said...

Those are amazing. The level of detail is almost mind blowing. I can't imagine the process of hooking the sheep over the stars. Wow.

Julia said...

How so very lucky that you saw this exhibit in person. I saw some of her work in Rug Hooking Magazine I think and was awe stricken of her work. Such an artist. Thanks for sharing this with us Alice. JB

Rugs and Pugs said...

Alice ~
I was in love with all her rugs. How sad that such a talent is not longer with us. Just imagine what she could have created!
Pug(less) hugs :)

dlpavlock said...

I think that Patty's rugs were my favorite of the whole show. I absolutely loved the sheep with the vegetables.They were all so inspiring!

Miccosukee said...

Thanks for sharing Patty's rugs. I had seen several in magazines and own the little booklet with photos of all the circus train rugs. That purple one you liked is a new one to me. Such wonderful people to share all her rugs with us. What a legacy!!

born in Marion, Ohio

mdgtjulie said...

I'm wondering if you mean Marion, OH. My best friend was born there, and it's a lovely little town. Or is it a different Marion you mean? Love the rug you said is your favorite. It's amazingly realistic. Thanks for showing so many rugs again. I love to see your pics!!

Jacque. said...

Always a great admirer Of Patty Yoder. Thank you so much for showing those photos.

I sometimes think about hooking again...

The Mervis Family said...

Patty was my aunt---she was so talented in many things---she was not only an amazing at how she hooked her rugs---but she was also a talented painter and sewed beautiful and unique looking dolls as well. she had a retail shop in Bath, Ohio where she sold many of her unique and and beautiful things she had made.

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