Thursday, April 21, 2011


You must meet Posie ~ the Woolley Fox mascot, so to speak!  This is Barb's wonderful Maine Coon Cat, who was just a kitten last year at this time!  Everybody in our group LOVED this cat ~ she lays on the color planning table, the work table the hookers share ~ actually, Miss Posie lays anywhere she wants to!!!!!!

Julie is hard at work and Heidi is explaining something very important!!  We had a great time and got started on some really great rugs! We also got to meet Robin, Barb's daughter ~ what a ball of fire that girl is!!  She can cook, draw patterns, organize, ride herd on her doggies ~ if you look up multi-task in the dictionary, I think her picture might be there!!! 

Peggy and Cyndy hook away while Barb explains something really important to us!  We had lots of great food ~ wallowed in the wool ~ and generally, helped the local economy by shopping in the little shops in town!

Peggy got started on Jonah and the Whale ~ the border consists of lots of theses beautiful paisley designs that would confuse the daylights out of me!  Peggy spent some of the  time 'bon-ding' with the cats and dogs that reside at the Woolley Fox ~ I wouldn't have been surprised to see one of them in her car when we left!!

 This pattern might be called Hunter Weathervane ~ something close to that!  Heidi is hooking it mostly in paisleys from her personal collection ~ which is a nice one, by the way!  This rug is going to be so beautiful ~ it is already!

Burnt Hills, a Warren Kimble pattern, is being hooked by Cyndy ~ perfect  soft colors that    personify Cyndy to a T !!                   

Julie can hook up a storm ~ I'd love to tell you that she hooked this all this week but that wouldn't be quite true.  But she hooked a lot of it in the last three days ~ she puts her head down and hooks while the rest of us are talking, ambling about the room, petting the pets, etc.!  This rug is HUGE!!  The pattern is Magdalena's Farm with Lollipops or something like that ~ the name is as big as the rug!  Can't wait to see it finished!

Magdalena's Rooster Pair is be hooked by moi!!  Lots of sparkly wool  and a crazy hit-and-miss style back-ground that I've never done before!  It's similar to the background I did in Karen Kahle's style but you hook in  a more colorful wool  on the squiggly lines and hook a variety of background wools in between those.  I think I'm going to like it a lot!  I have a place for this rug already ~ if I don't 'chicken' out ~  the place that needs this rug is in an area that gets some traffic ~ so we'll see when when it's all finished if I have the chutzpah to let people walk it!!!!  Do you notice the purple chicken feet?  Love that!  I love it all really!  Barb and I create some great rugs together ~ I value her opinion and I think she values mine!  I'm ready to go down and hook away on this thing ~ wish I could ~ but I can't right now!!  Will keep you posted!  

Easter weekend is upon us ~ Spring has sprung ~ the deer or the little rabbies are eating the hostas ~ I'm going out and sprinkle cayenne pepper on everything green as soon as I'm finished posting.  Yes!  Spring has sprung alright!!

Thanks for stopping by ~ and thanks, too, for all the nice comments on the quilt show pictures!  It's my way of taking you along!  Have a good Easter weekend!


Rugs and Pugs said...

Alice ~
Thanks for the trip to Ligonier. It's the closest I may ever get :) Wonderful rugs. Thank you for sharing!
Happy Easter.
Pug hugs :)

Sassafras and Winterberry said...

I'm a bit jealous of your time in Ligonier! I long to go there and take a class up at Woolley Fox! All of the rugs are so great. I'm glad that I could come along for the ride!
Have a great Easter weekend!

Kim said...

Happy Easter Alice. I hope the Bunny finds you too.

acorn hollow said...

Such wonderful rugs. I have a funny story about a critter eating my holyhocks. I sprinkles cayenne pepper they ate more. I put a radio in the middle of them, They ate more. My husband said you have to stop they think they have found a mexican resturant with music. it was a porcupine which we finally did get rid of.
happy easter.

Linda said...

Alice.I was just talking today to my SIL today who lives just down the road from Barb in Derry. I was telling her about how much fun you were probably having. Seems I was right!
No one will ever step foot on my proddy sheep rug! I do know that it will probably weigh about 15 pounds when I am finished...I hook heavy!

weaverpat said...

What a cute kitty!
I can imagine it's a wonderful treat to spend time at the Wooly Fox. You are all working on great rugs! I have a big WF rug with animals on it that I haven't started yet. The next time I get out that way I want to visit and see what kind of luscious wools are available.
Glad you had fun!!!

Miccosukee said...


Always love to read about your trip to Woolley Fox and the mischief you gals get into while there. I know the local economy also loves when you come for your all-too-short stay. Reading about your trip might be as close as I get to ever making it there, although I have a box full of patterns from Woolley Fox.

Glad you are back and will be looking for more photos.


s said...

Thanks for sharing Alice!

Julie said...

Hi Alice! Good to know that I don't talk too much, because sometimes I do! I have been hooking a bit on my rug each day since we got back. I can't wait to see yours done. That background is so wonderful! I hope to see you soon.