Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Living an abundant life ~ that's what I'm doing! And my friend, Sue, who is also a hooker and a customer added to that abundance last week.  First of all, notice her tote bag ~ she made that in our Funky Flower  Purse class last fall.  This is the first time I've seen it finished and if you double click the photo, you can take a close look at what a great job she did!  She and friend, Pam, came to shop one afternoon last week and then we all went to the new wine bar in our little burg ~ The Happy Grape ~ for afternoon tea ~ I mean wine!!  We had great little flatbread pizzas and some very nice wines and lots of laughs ~ a great way to spend an afternoon!  Considering that I eat like a truckdriver and drink like a sailor, I was shocked when we realized that Sue had treated us all to lunch!  That's the abundance part!  It comes in all forms, you know ~ if we pay attention and count all the blessings bestowed upon us ~ we all have abundance galore!  It was a wonderful day and I so appreciate having them both for friends! 

Does this look familiar?  This is Sue's grandchildren's hands hooked into a little rug, inspired by my Christmas Hands Rug that I did several years ago.  It is darling and  such a nice compliment that she wanted to create this because of something she saw here!  More abundance!

Such a cute little 'shrug' made  for me by my
customer Martha!  It's made out of a yard of fleece with knit cuffs sewn in each end for your arms ~ so cozy and comfy for lounging in front of the Tv on these cold snowy nights!!  So thoughtful of Martha ~ Abundance Galore!!!  
Both these gifts just made me so aware that people are kind and generous and many contribute to my abundant life!  Just like our friends, Diane and Greg, inviting us to stay with them this next week in Florida ~ I hope they're not sorry ~ we're going to be there 10 days this time ~ I'm going to try  to be good!!

I'm picking out clothes to take ~ packing ~ laundering ~ working in the office ~ and hooking on my blog challenge project that will be due while we're gone!!  Then I have to create a post about it so that it is ready to publish on the 20th!  I'm not as excited about what I'm doing as I was when I opened the package ~ I drew it on the linen and it looked great ~ now it's up for grabs ~ maybe when it's finished, it will speak to me ~ loud and clear, I hope!!! 

Have a good evening and when you have a minute ~ maybe you will think about the abundance in your own life ~ about all the small things that add up to having your best life possible ~ and maybe how we can all do something to add to the abundant life of others!


Kim said...

Very wise words and a lovely post. We all should take time to examine the abundance of joys in our lives.
PS- I love that name - The Happy Grape. I would be happy there! lol

acorn hollow said...

abundance is in our lives everywhere. and if we could stop long enough to reconize it we would be so much happier.
have fun in florida we are headed down in a couple of weeks. I hope it is nice and warm I want to swim and walk and smell flowers. mmmmmm
have fun

weaverpat said...

Thank you Alice for such a wonderful positive feeling post. It's so easy to take the joys of life for granted. The gift of good friends should be savored and appreciated.
Have a safe and happy time in Florida!

Sassafras and Winterberry said...

Isn't gratitude powerful? I love that you focused on abundance in your post today! I try to zoom in on all the wonderful simple things that come my way each day...friends, laughter, flowers, music.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Alice ~
Beautiful post! You have such good friends because you are one :)
Have a great time in Florida and send some warmth and sunshine up north!
Hugs :)

Cathy G. said...

It's so true Alice.... good friends are what make our lives abundant! You are richly blessed and your friends in return! Have a wonderful trip and don't forget your camera and sunscreen! ( aren't I the old mother hen LOL)
Cathy G

Tammy Burks said...

What a FAB purse! I will get to Sarasota on Sunday and be there through Wednesday. Then I'm headed to Port Charlotte to stay with my friend Patti until the next Sunday. Can't wait to meet up with you there!
I'm also living a life of abundance!

Sheila said...

hi Alice,
Love your post! I agree with Lauren you have such nice friends because you are such a nice person. I love the purse. Glad you all had a nice lunch, wine is good for your heart. Your posts and photos warm my heart. thanks for sharing...............

Jeanne (RED) said...

Dear Alice,
You and Sonny have a great time in Florida--soak up that sun and warm those bones! You have abundance in your life because of your graditude. Aren't we fortunate to realize that!? Love You, Girl! Jeanne L. (RED)

Miccosukee said...


Loved your post today. But then that is just one of the ways you give back!

Hope it is warm enough here in Florida when you arrive. I can promise long walks on white beaches of sand, and no snow!

Wish I could be with you! I am in spirit,