Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Here's my booth at the "In the Spirit of Friends" show ~ it always looks hodge-podgey (that's not a word, I'm just sure!) but a nice man stopped by and told me he really liked the composition of my booth!!  Another said that it was a bright spot among all the primitives!  So, I take comments like that and run with them ~ maybe it does look okay!

It was a great show!  I saw lots of people I knew ~ and met some that I only know thru blogland ~ like Bobbie of "The Evening Stitcher" blog and Linda from "Simply Country Seasons" blog!  It's really nice to be able to put a faces to the names now ~ both great gals ~ lots of fun!

The weather couldn't have been better ~ a sunshiny fall day ~ and lots of shoppers having the time of their lives in amongst all the primitive folk art and antiques!  This concrete sheep was my one and only purchase of the whole show!  We used to buy a lot ~ one of our friends said Sonny and I were big 'consumers' ~ well, not any more!!  We have more 'stuff' than anybody should have and we've learned we don't need everything that we see that we like!  But, I did need this guy!!  And he'll be very happy here in the woods with us!

I sold lots of wool ~ a few pieces of the marbleized wool ~ not as much as I would have liked ~ I realize that it maybe doesn't appeal to the primitive rug hooker as much as those who might hook more of the adventurous 'out there' kind of projects!  I'm going to make a concerted effort within the next week to get it on my website.  I added a couple of patterns to the website the other day and a picture of the old guy and me under 'About Us'!  I really do need to develop the website into a selling tool and make this more of a year round business rather than relying on shows and the occasional classes that I have.

Speaking of classes, I have  a beginner class next Wednesday, the 29th, that I'm setting up for a couple of gals ~ one was at the show and is really enthusiastic about learning the art of rug hooking!!  A friend of mine is also joining us and I know she'll love  it, too.  There was another very animated customer in my booth talking about taking a class ~ if you're reading my blog and are from Toledo, you'll know I'm talking about you!!  The two of you talked and laughed and I thought you were together!!  Toledo Girl, if you're available for a class next Wednesday, M J and I would love to have you join us!! And anyone else, that would like to take a beginner's class and have lots of laughs,  check out the class info on my website and give me a call!!!

As usual, I have an event I'm planning for ~ at our house ~ this weekend!!  I may have mentioned before that I'm having a 65th birthday  party for my classmates ~ at some point in this year, the most of us are turning 65!  So, the party is here on Saturday ~ we have about 20 coming ~ and my main thrust is to get this yard looking presentable!!!  It's like Wild Kingdom out there right now ~ I worked out there a bit yesterday and Sonny came home last night and used his machete on some of it ~ I exaggerate a little!  The bad thing is that I have a horrendous cold ~ since last Thursday ~ and it's really slowing the old girl down!!!  Now, it's sprinkling and I sure can't go work in the rain ~ I would if I was healthy but I'm hanging by a thread!!  I even had to miss a hook-in yesterday that I had been so looking forward to attending!!  I pouted all day but I really wasn't up to driving that far and didn't want to expose all those hookers to this malady that has taken up residence in my body!!!   So, to the extent that I can ~ I'll be like a white tornado around here the next couple of days ~ pumpkins and mums do a lot to add ambiance to the homestead ~ I'll have pictures if it all comes together!!! Thank goodness that I'm only providing the meat, the birthday cake and soft drinks!!  The other 65 year olds are bring the side dishes ~ it makes my work a lot easier and I thank them in advance!!!

A couple of other things are on my plate this week, too ~ but I can do it!!!  Right now, I'm going to take a little break ~ have a little Lean Cuisine and maybe a nap!!!  Take care and hope this cold/cough thing doesn't find you!!!  Have a good week!!!!


Linda said...

Hi glad that I finally got to meet you!
I love the wool that I bought from you.................I just keep re-folding it and playing with it!
Gee.........I do love wool!
I went around the whole show a couple of times and thought I saw it all, but some bloggers have posted pics of things that I don't remember seeing. What a great group of vendors it was.
I am going to the Country Living show on Friday at the Ohio Historical Village.
Hope you get better soon.

Cathy G. said...

Your booth looked very welcoming....a place to find comfort and inspiration surrounded by all that wool so lovingly stacked and displayed! No wonder people thought it refreshing! I hope you are feeling better too and can enjoy your gathering of friends! LOve Love that sheep! It was a good thing to bring home!
Cathy G

Rugs and Pugs said...

Alice ~
So sorry you are under the weather. I was hoping I'd get to chat with you at the hook-in (since I never do much hooking!). Your booth WAS lovely. So much beautiful wool. Love that sheep that came home with you.
Have fun with your birthday bash!
Pug hugs :)

Jacque. said...

oh Alice...I hope you feel better real soon! I love to see your photos...and I'm loving that concrete sheep! Happy Birthday Bash!

Plumruncreek ♥ said...

I have that cold also Alice. I sure do like your sheep!! All I bought was a rock, I don't buy alot anymore either. Have a great time with your friends!

Kim said...

A feast for the eyes! Gorgeous booth, Alice!! And of course I spotted your latest wire basket back there in the corner! Love it! Can't wait to see where your sheep ends up resting! And I hope YOU get some rest in and feel better soon!

Kim said...

Your booth looks lovely to me. I'm a little surprised you didn't sell out of your marbelized wool. You would have if I had been there!!

Jan said...

I think I would have bought the sheep too. I love sheep and I wish I lived where I could have one. I would have the kind that have black faces and legs. I just love those little guys.