Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Hooked by me but DESIGNED by granddaughter, Hannah ~ when she was six years old! She brought this to me two Christmases ago with a nice written story to go with it and finally, just before the holidays, I got it hooked so it would be finished for her to see when she arrived! Instead of buttons, I used three rusty bells for embellishment.

I love these little primitive children's drawings and have been saving the kids artwork to make small patterns. Hannah's Snowman and Haylee's Painted Fish (the one Hannah hooked at Christmas) will be available on monk's cloth and linen. The Snowman as shown is 9" x 12".

This corded finish looks nice on a small mat.

I tore the wool strip about 2 1/4" wide ~ folded the wool over the cotton cord and machine stitch. Hand tack the cording to the edge of the finished hooked piece, starting at the center bottom of the rug, working your way around the mat.

Turn the piece over, fold over the raw edge of the wool cording and blind stitch to the foundation fabric for a nice finish!! At the bottom, overlap the two edges so the cut ends don't show! It's a little tedious to do this kind of finish but the results are worth it! I did a quick label of fabric you can run through the printer and then iron it on ~ worked great for me to get those little rugs sent out to the grandkids! If not pressed for time, I would iron it to a piece of wool and hand stitch that to the rug ~ next time!

Last but not least, is Miss Luci and my youngest son, Ted, at the father/daughter dance at our local dance academy. Moms and grandparents could come and take pictures before the dinner ~ I always feel blessed to be asked! There were costumed doormen, pages, a fairy godmother, ladies in waiting ~ a real Cinderella ball! They had a sit down dinner and as we left, Luci was eating chocolate pudding ~ I hope it didn't get on her pretty dress!

As soon as I post this, I must get on to the next important task at hand!!! PACKING!!!!! We're leaving for FLORIDA in the morning ~ yay!!!!!!!!!!! Our wonderful lake friends, Diane and Greg, invited us to come for a week and we are sooo grateful to be heading to some warmth and some sun!! I have clothes spread all over the bedroom ~ suitcases thrown open ~ and it'll be like a white tornado up there in the next few minutes!! I have to pick up some groceries for Tad and his sitter (thank goodness for Barb!) and get my nails done and then we head for Columbus tonite. Sonny always thinks he has a better shot at getting me on the plane on time, if he has me at the airport the night before! So, I won't be posting all week but will have stories to tell when we return!! Stay tuned! And stay warm!!


Kim said...

Your little children's art rugs are wonderful family keepsakes. And I think I will try your finishing technique, it looks great.
Enjoy your trip.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Alice ~
Hannah's snowman is just too cute. You did a great job on it!
And Miss Luci ~ OMG is she ever a doll and your son in rather handsome, too. Must get his looks from his momma!
Have a wonderful, safe trip. No need to tell you to have fun because I'm sure you will.
Pug hugs :)

weaverpat said...

Hannah's snowman is adorable! Thanks for the lesson in corded binding. I think I'll use on my next rug which is going to be a round one.
Have a safe trip. Enjoy the warm weather and the sunshine!

dulcy said...

Thanks for checking in with me Alice! I love the idea of hooking children's artwork....especially when it's from your grandchild. I've had that idea in mind also. Such a nice way to preserve their work. I'm going to post a rug soon (I hope) it's just an oval with my "never ending" rose design (as in "when will she move on already!"). Anyway, I did something a little different with the finishing off on the edge. Will be anxious to hear what you think. Check in a few days and maybe I'll have it posted.

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Thanks, girls ~ for reading and appreciating!