Monday, December 14, 2009


See these two happy faces??!! Well, on Friday the old guy signed up for Social Security and I signed up for Medicare!! Never in my life, did I think that would be a happy thing ~ but it is! In January, we get a check to put in the bank and in March, I get lower insurance premiums!!!!!!! For self-employed people, this is a great thing! We celebrated by calling our friends, Cliff and Margo, and stopped by and let Miss Margo fix us a couple of cocktails!! After we took supper home to Tad, we met them for dinner at the Mexican place ~ and after drinking a peach margarita, I nearly had the big one!! I must be allergic to the artificial flavoring or coloring and kind of had a little tizzy (it's happened before so no more fancy schmancy drinks for me) ~ after drinking a big glass of water and eating a bit more, the sensation left me and we kept right on going!! We made a couple of other stops ~ ran into some pretty entertaining people and finally got home about 11 p.m. We are absolutely embracing this milestone in our lives and made a real celebration out of it!

Saturday was Miss Luci's 7th birthday and we celebrated that by going out to eat with the family at a local steakhouse ~ along with everybody else in the entire county!!! What a fiasco to get seating for seven and then to get served!!! But Luci was quite happy to be out ~ she likes to celebrate like her grandma ~ and is showing off her Red Hat purse that my sister-in-law gave her a couple of years ago. Rachel was carrying it one time when she came to visit and Luci admired it so that Rachel gave it to her! Last night, she had that purse stuffed with what seemed like everything she owned!!

Today, Grandpa and Grandma picked up Luci and Jordyn and took them to a Christmas Tea at the Blossom Cafe! This summer I had promised the girls we would go to a tea and finally, we made it happen! Our local Blueberry Patch and Greenhouse is the home of this cozy little cafe and they really did a great job of presentation and the food was very tasty!

Luci and Jordyn have such fun together and of course, there was lots of giggling going on! We were almost incident free until a glop of egg salad fell onto the floor ~ we felt pretty lucky to get out of there without making a scene!!!

I still have no decorations up (maybe I need to stay home!) ~ I'm guessing that will happen in the next couple of days ~ I did finish binding my latest rug just a while ago ~ and getting on top of the office work ~ here's hoping that soon it will look like Christmas here!! I hope you're ready for the holiday and enjoying the season!!


moosecraft said...

Well let me shake your hand!!!! Congratulations on your celebration of the milestones you and your hubby have reached! Loved seeing the happy faces of everyone! I'm not exactly decorated for Christmas here yet either... so don't feel bad! Just put out a few simple handmades here and there.... might even skip the tree this year... I think, for once, I'd rather just relax and enjoy the meaning of the season... rather than rush around doing all the superficial stuff... we'll see... Have a joyous day!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Alice! What a great picture of you and Sonny! Love it! Congratulations on your milestone!
The tea sounds lovely..I want to do that with Adalie when she gets older! I didn't put a lot out this year either...more fresh greenery than anything. Enjoy your week Alice! Hugs~Kathy

Linda said...

Hi Alice.....who would have ever thought that we would be excited about getting to Medicare!
We are both hoping that it is still there when we are eligible (not too far away)!
have a great week.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Alice!! You guys look great!! Yes, isn't it funny to be excited about Medicare? LOL We got there years ago!!!! : )
My husband is doing much better after his year of health "issues"!
I'm back blogging again and going to be a Great-Grandmother for the fourth time in June. So I am gettin' out the shawls and rocking chairs for sure!!
Hugs to you,Happy Christmas and Happy Hooking! Sunnie ; )

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Lovely Girls ~ happy faces ~ a lot of love shines forth! I did not go all out either this year ~ I am beginning to like simple better. I really love your new rug and it looks so good in front of your dresser! Blessings.