Thursday, August 20, 2009


Jule Marie Smith was our class teacher and these were two of her rugs in the show! I've seen pictures of these rugs in various books and was actually surprised at how muted the colors really are ~ in print they showed as very vibrant color ~ so it was interesting how soft and antique looking they are in person. Both beautiful original designs ~ I would love it if she would reproduce and sell these patterns!

This is also Jule Marie's rug and it is huge!! And it's very vibrant in color compared to this photo ~ at least to my eye! I can't remember the name of her design but I'll call her "Tree Woman". Jule's style is to hook smaller strips of wool in many shades and it all works to make beautiful design in her backgrounds ~ and the body of the Tree Woman is many shades of darks. She took our class on a tour of the rug show one morning and explained to us the symbolism in various aspects of this rug ~ but I swear, this great mind can't remember them to share with you! Jule Marie also brought along a rug she is hooking for her granddaughter ~ K is for Kaelin (hope I spelled that correctly) ~ and every motif on the rug begins with a K and it has a bright yellow background ~ I should have taken a photo!!

Diane Phillips was the featured teacher for the rug show and there was a large display of Diane's very unique rugs! Diane's face rugs are so interesting and detailed ~ she also taught a class and shared the room with Jule Marie, so we got to see her students' progress as well and also benefit from some of Diane's teaching moments!

I loved this chartreuse Step Lively rug and the rugs on the right that Diane calls 'banner rugs'. If you double click on the photo, you can see the words of inspiration that the rugs represent ~ an inspiring idea itself!

Donna, Evelyn, and Ellen from our class, were the hookers of these rugs in the show!! All very nice rugs and such sweet ladies that I thought they should stand by their creations for you all to see!
Another class member, Bev, hooked this beautiful rug to the right of her ~ she started it in a class with Emma Lous Lais (not Barbara Carroll's, as I first stated!) and her colors are just perfect! Barb did come to Sauder to visit the rug show on Wednesday with our friends, Gloria, Larry and Carol ~ almost everyone in our class was a student of hers at one time or another and were absolutely ecstatic to see her!

Here is Bev again, with her Chalk Deer rug ~ she just loved having her picture taken!! Above that one is one of Maria Barton's designs and also three rooster rugs are in the photo ~ I don't know who hooked them but they were all very nice.

The following pictures were in the animal section of the show ~ I'm sure I didn't get a picture of every rug but I tried to get a representation of as many as I could. I don't know the designers or the creators but these were all rugs that spoke to me!

I love the deep jewel tones of the rhino rug and sheep are my very favorite!! The little turtle rug has it's own unique design, too.
This Henney Penney rug is in my stash of patterns ~ it falls somewhere on the to-do list ~ wonder when I'll ever get to it! And the whale rug is really very primitive.
Cats and birds go nicely together ~ these seem to be getting along! They're very compatible in color ~ wonder if they're hooked by the same artist?

The same for these two great turkey rugs ~ they could easily belong together! I hope you enjoyed your journey through the rug show ~ there are more for another day!
Tuesday night's garden club gathering went well ~ as usual, I was pushed to make it all come together ~ but it all falls into place somehow!! My friend, Vivian, is a wonderful helper and also is there to visit with gals who can't do the stairs while we tour ~ I'm sure glad to have her here!
On Sunday evening and all day Monday, I worked in some pretty stifling heat to make the outside look presentable ~ Sonny did a great job of watering the container plants all last week ~ that was a concern for sure! The center garden or courtyard garden is absolutely wild ~ my suggestion to our guests was that it's best viewed from the drive or the sidewalk ~ the overall visual is great ~ close up, The Weeds BeGone garden club would been appalled (I love their name)! I like them to get the big picture ~ feed them well ~ show them the house and my rugs ~ and as luck would have it, they were very complimentary!! A great group of gals and I ended up knowing one of them, so that made for a very comfortable evening!
Yesterday morning, I had a couple of rug hooking gals come shopping ~ that was nice ~ I had a nail appointment in the afternoon ~ another stop at the grocery and we entertained friends in the evening!! So I've had a very full week since the rug retreat ended last Friday and today I am keeping a low profile!!! Laundry and office work are on the agenda ~ every now and then all this fun catches up to me and I have to regroup ~ this is one of those days!!

So look for more rug show photos in the next post and have a good weekend, one and all!


laurie said...

thanks for the rug tour, i hope one day to get back there to vist the rug show at sauder..
laurie, indiana

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Hi Laurie, Indiana ~ how are you? You should come to Ohio for a visit ~ we'd love to see you and Nancy!!

jane augenstein said...

Wow, what gorgeous rugs!!! What a fun time you must have had, love the pictures!!! I must try to go there sometime. Have always wanted to go but just never got around to it.

moosecraft said...

These are all beautiful rugs!!! I enjoyed admiring them very much! Thank you for taking the time to post these, so that us gals that can't travel to all these shows can have a little fun! :-)

Debra Lloyd said...

Thanks so much for posting these pictures. You must have had a wonderful time. I would love to take a class from Jule Marie Smith, and I was surprised to hear that her colors were on the muted side. In the pictures I have seen, they look very bright. I look forward to seeing more pictures!

WoolenSails said...

Thanks for showing us the show, lots of beautiful rugs. Someday I will get there.


ShabbySheep said...

Like Debbie, Someday I'll get there too! But in the mean time, thanks so much for letting us enjoy the show too. It must be really incredible in person. someday...

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Those of us here in Ohio really don't realize what a great following the Sauder rug show has ~ it is interesting to me that so many say they wish they could come. It makes me feel very fortunate that we are only 3 hours away and can go for the day if we wish!!

April DeConick said...

Wow thanks for sharing these photos with us!

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