Friday, June 5, 2009


I always like to have a picture along with the blog post so today's picture is a rug that I hooked early in my hooking career!! It's a pattern by Margo White and I started this in a class that she used to have at Shaker Village in Kentucky. I picked the pattern ahead of time and asked her to color plan it for me and that I liked dark colors ~ this couldn't have been a better choice for our decor and it looks perfect in front of the tv cabinet. Now, at a class, I play a big part in the color planning along with the teacher or do my own color planning on rugs I do here in my own studio. When we go to a class, it is for a reason ~ to gain knowledge from that teacher in whatever area that is their expertise. So if it's color planning, I think we should soak up what they have to share with us and combine that with our own tastes ~ and we leave that class with a great rug!

Mrs. Turkey is still sitting on her eggs ~ I would think they would be having their 'coming out' party soon!! I'll show pictures as soon as the big day arrives!

It's been a quiet week here ~ only one evening of little league games ~ one night we got rained out!! Our friend, Rita, had invited us over for a gathering and we were going to have to go late ~ but the rain allowed us to join the group and we had a great evening ~ lots of yummy food! ~ and lots of laughs for sure!

Kathy of Sweet William Primitives, (the winner of my secret giveaway!) and I have shared some nice emails this week. She and I have a lot in common and our paths have crossed before! Kathy reminded me that we met at a show I was doing in Columbus a couple of years ago and then she called me to find out where I bought my eyeglasses (I got them on a trip Seattle and had to beg the salesguy to let me have only the frames and have my eye doctor make the lenses here in Ohio - I actually left the store and went out for lunch with our kids and after a cocktail or two, went back and made my case ~ I got the glasses!)!!!! And now she has them, too (she didn't have to go to Seattle, though)!! That was quite a compliment! I hope our paths cross again ~ we have LOTS to talk about!

That's it for today ~ I need to make sense out of this office! Sonny and Mr. Kitty left for the lake at 6:30 a.m. this morning!! He had a small job up there so I asked him to take that cat with him ~ we've finally figured out if we don't play the radio, he travels better ~ it doesn't make sense, but it works! Tad and I will journey up there later this morning ~ it looks like a beautiful day today and tomorrow!! Have a good weekend, friends ~ do something fun if at all possible!! Ta ta ~


Rugs and Pugs said...

Alice ~
Love your rug ~ as always!
Have a great time at the lake. I hope the bugs aren't as bad as they are here. I may never get to do yard work.

Anonymous said...

Have a lovely weekend Alice! Your rug is just beautiful! Hugs~Kathy

WoolenSails said...

Love the shades you used in the rug.
Can't wait to see the babies when they hatch.


JoJo said...

This is a darling rug and I love the colors you used. Color planning is not one of my strong suits but I have experts I can ask for help from.

Hope you had a nice weekend at the lake. It's hot and humid here and we're waiting for severe storms. Gotta love it.

Unknown said...
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